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Commodore PET USB Keyboard Controller (20 pin only) Commodore PET USB Keyboard Controller (20 pin only)   £60.00 Buy now!
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Tynemouth Software
Tynemouth Software

Welcome to the Tynemouth Software store on Sell My Retro.

Here I plan to list PCBs that I have designed, as well as a number of built and tested items. Many of these used to be sold as kits, but I am selling these as PCB only so that you can have the fun of trying to source all the parts yourself. 

These will include Minstrel 2, 3 and 4th Z80 computers, RC2014 modules, test and diagnostic products for vintage computers, as well as my remaining stocks of USB keyboard controllers.

I have had to limit shipping to within the UK at the moment as it's just not practical for a very small business to trade internationally these days. Please address all complaints to the UK government.