Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to register?

Registration is a necessary step in order to buy or sell. We need to know who you are as much as you need to know who we are. Simply click on the register icon and fill out the required information. If you do not register you can not participate.

How can I buy or sell on this site?

SellMyRetro.com is intended to offer the user an easy, secure and fair environment via the auction bid process to buy and sell. The site offers users the option of buying and selling items in a variety of ways such as:

STANDARD AUCTIONS: This feature allows sellers to post items in a timed deadline auction sale. The seller sets the end time for the auction and the buyer has the option of bidding against other bidders. A reserve price may be set to ensure that an item does not sell for less than a set value and the seller may offer a fixed BUY NOW price as an option.

BUY NOW LISTINGS: This feature allows sellers to post their items for sale at a fixed BUY NOW price. Buyer’s can view items and if satisfied with the asking price, simply click and buy now.

MULTIPLE ITEM LISTINGS: If a seller has more than one of the same item for sale, this feature allows the seller to list all of those items together at a fixed price per item. A buyer can then purchase one or more of that item from the seller. The seller can set postage according to the first item sold to a buyer, and then extra postage for each additional item purchased.

REVERSE AUCTIONS: Here, the intending buyer lists details of a service or item which they wish to purchase. Sellers can then place bids to offer the service or item at the lowest price to the purchaser.

What is a Reserve Price?

The reserve is the minimum price a seller is willing to accept for the item they are selling. When you see an item with a reserve you will know the reserve has to be met before the item will be sold. We do not disclose reserves (although the seller can always see it on their view of the item listing).

Placing bids on SellMyRetro.com

When you click on the BID button you are expected to honou

r your bids. Please do not bid on items if you do not intend on honouring your bid. SellMyRetro.com has the right at its discretion to refuse or remove any bids it feels may conflict with the terms and condition set forth.

By placing a bid you are entering into a legal and binding offer to purchase the item you are bidding on up to the highest price you have offered. If you are deemed to be the highest bidder, you must complete the transaction and you will be contacted and informed of the details for completing the transaction. You will be notified by e-mail when you bid and when you are the successful buyer.

Who am I buying from?

SellMyRetro.com requires anyone selling on this site to pre-register and in order to do so the seller agrees to the terms and conditions set forth. You could be buying from authorized dealers or private sellers.

What do you sell?

The site is designed as an on-line auction house. Auctioneers can sell almost anything, although we would ask that sellers aim to sell items for the retro and vintage computer and electronics markets. For example, we would not expect to see the latest top of the range PC sold on here, unless it is pre-loaded with a built in emulator!

How do I pay for the items I have purchased?

There are various ways in which to make payment for items you have won.

At the end of an auction, when you view an item, you will see a link to PAY NOW. You can also view items that you have won in your Profile page. Buyers can also use this view to request the seller to issue an invoice - ideal for when several items have been purchased from the same seller.

Sellers can offer a number of ways to pay for your purchases. The site is currently integrated with PayPal and Google Checkout, although sellers can also offer cash payment, bank transfers, PPay.com, Nochex and Moneybookers.

Sellers can view items which they have sold through their Profile page, and issue invoices, as well as mark items as payment received, and sent.

What protection is there for me as a buyer?

In the event of a dispute between seller and buyer, we will assist in any way that we can. The best protection for a buyer is to make payment either by credit card (if the item is over £100 and both seller and buyer are UK based) or to use PayPal.

Always beware - if a listed item sounds too good to be true, then they it may well be!

  • If you make payment for £100 or more by Credit Card, the Credit Card company is under a duty to ensure the reliability of the recipient. Therefore if your item does not arrive, or is substantially not as described, then you would claim your money back through your Credit Card company.
  • If you make payment by PayPal, then if your item does not arrive, or is substantially not as described, then you can raise a PayPal dispute and they will suspend the seller's account until the outcome of their investigations are known. PayPal will then return the funds to your account if the dispute is upheld.
  • Always be wary of sending money using Western Union or Moneybookers, as there is very little chance of tracing the seller should you need to!
  • In all other instances, please contact us directly and we will do what we can to investigate and help, through our contacts with traders specialising in retro computers and electronics.

What protection is there for me as a seller?

Do not ship any items until you are satisfied that you have received payment in full from a purchaser. It is also recommended that you never ship an item to an address other than the registered address provided by the purchaser when making payment (for example, registered PayPal, Nochex, or Credit Card addresses).

Always beware - if a buyer sounds too good to be true, then they may well be!

All online payment portals (such as PayPal and Nochex) will take favour the purchaser in any dispute - ensure that you have proof of posting (and if an item is valuable, proof of delivery), and ALWAYS send to the user's verified PayPal / Nochex address.

We will help sellers where we can through our large database of retro computer users - we also actively monitor user registrations to identify potential issues before they happen.

Buyer & seller premiums & taxes?

Buyer & seller premiums and applicable taxes apply to every transaction. The fees and taxes will be displayed with every item sold.

Shipping my purchases?

Shipping of goods purchased is the responsibility of the purchaser. We will assist with any shipping requirements you may have by providing details and estimates. Contact us for details.

Are the items I buy guaranteed?

All items sold on this site will be sold on an AS IS basis. Any guarantee is dependent on the seller, although all sales and purchases are regulated by the distance selling regulations, which provide that a purchaser has 7 days in which to cancel a contract to purchase an item, but must then return any goods received in good condition.

Last updated on : 01/05/2010