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PositivePositive SirMorris ZXpand+ interface for ZX81 computer - PRE-ORDER Fantastic device and a must have for all ZX81 enthusiasts. Thanks. 07/02/2019 19:58:44
PositivePositive andyrea ZX81 ULA Gives great picture on ZX81 and super quick delivery. 19/09/2018 12:14:23
PositivePositive PokeMon ZX8-KDLX (ready to use) - PCB replacement keyboard for ZX81 fully assembled 19/09/2018 12:11:11
PositivePositive rwap_software Brand New 16/48K Sinclair ZX Spectrum Keyboard Membrane 19/09/2018 12:10:55
PositivePositive rwap_software Brand New (2016) Sinclair ZX Spectrum+ 48K/128K Keyboard Membrane 19/09/2018 12:10:38
PositivePositive zaxon MOS 7501/8501 CPU replacement for C16/116/+4 19/09/2018 12:09:08