Foam feet for Sinclair ZX80

Foam feet for Sinclair ZX80

Postby MrChilli » Wed Jan 07, 2015 7:54 pm

After 30 years in my loft I have finally managed to get my ZX80 up and running again (thanks Pokemon for the 6.5MHz Crystal Oscillator).
I'm now trying to get the machine as much as possible back to its original cosmetic condition. One of the things I need to replace are the two missing foam strips that form the anti-slip feet on the bottom of the case.
Does anyone here have a ZX80 with the original foam strips in place? If so could you please tell me the width and thickness of those strips, or if anyone has replaced the foam what did they replace it with? I've ordered some grey foam tape that's 10mm wide and 1.5mm thick but I'd just like to know how close this is to the original. It seems a bit wide to me for the recess on the case bottom, but it's the smallest width I could find.
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Re: Foam feet for Sinclair ZX80

Postby rwap_software » Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:09 pm

You might be better asking this on the dedicated ZX80 / ZX81 forums -
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