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Descrição do ficheiro

Newly redesigned to honor the classic Memotech look, this ZXpand enclosure is now available for those of you who have the great ZXpand board by sirmorris and have added the AY board. This black 3d-printed enclosure ensures a great fit.

NOTE: This is an enclosure ONLY and does NOT include the circuit board it is intended to be used with. The circuit board must be purchased separately.

Note that the AY board came supplied with one of two different connector pin row types, one slightly "longer" than the other. The "long" pins have what may be described as a tiny "barrel" at the base of the pin on one side of the plastic header strip. The short pins do not have this feature. (See photo in picture gallery.)

This enclosure is for the shorter pin sets and will not work for the boards with the longer pins. The enclosure for the longer pin design is listed as a separate item. 

Galeria de imagens

  • ZXpand Board Enclosure for ZXpand with AY add-on board ("short" pin version)
  • ZXpand Board Enclosure for ZXpand with AY add-on board ("short" pin version)
  • ZXpand Board Enclosure for ZXpand with AY add-on board ("short" pin version)
  • ZXpand Board Enclosure for ZXpand with AY add-on board ("short" pin version)

Questions and Answers

  • Pregunta The ZXpand plus is the follow-on model of the ZXpand Classic. It boasts an improved hrdware and software specification. Does this enclosure fit the new ZXpand plus?

    Afixado perto j***h (1) - 16/06/2017  20:06:08

    Resposta: No, this enclosure is for the ZXpand+AY combination. Design of the enclosure for the new ZXpand+ board is underway at this very moment, and my hope is to have it listed on SMR this weekend. IF I can remember to I'll give you a shout!

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