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Make this my favourite ZX8-CCB - video output for ZX80

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Fixed price: €9.90
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- ZX8-CCB "digital" video output for Sinclair ZX80 / ZX81 -


ZX8-CCB video module

Part of the auction is the above shown item (board) already soldered, tested and adjusted including connection cables for connecting to ZX80 or ZX81. The case has to be opened and cables directly soldered at the ZX80 or ZX81 board. It could be easily mounted inside the modulator case (if you remove the contents) or just sticked somewhere in the case with a tape. The board was developed in SMD and has dimensions of 20 x 25 x 3 mm (0.8 x 1.0 x 0.1 inch). Video output could be provided outside the case by implementing a 3.5mm jack or similar (not delivered with board).

This is the basic version of ZX8-CCP for new and modern TVs like Plasma and LCD.

CCB stands for crystal clear (picture) "basic" and eliminates the noise in the white background of the ULA video signal by full digitally recreation of the signal. It works with both ULA versions (C184 or C210, like used on issue one or issue 3 board) and adds automatically a back porch to the video signal regardless if the ULA does provide it or not. The older ones issue one or ULA C184 do normally not. The video output is normal with black characters at white background and can be inverted by setting a soldering jumper. The output delivers powerful 1Vss standard video signal at 75R load - protected against any shorts.

The board comes adjusted on the old ULA version (C184, issue one) and could be readjusted in case of using a newer model (C210, issue 3) or for best video quality which voltage level varies a little bit from system to system. The module has two trimmers which could be adjusted easily with a small screw driver when connected to a display or TV. It provides a very good picture even on modern LCD or plasma TVs even if the modulator or the simple transistor discoupling of the ULA pin 16 (ZX81) does not.


mouting board in ZX81 case:

mounting ZX8-CCB in a ZX81

For the ZX80 you can connect the yellow wire (video in) simply to the modulator input and connect +5V and GND somewhere on the board (you can measure out some points simply with a multimeter). Or use this graphic to find suitable locations/solder points:

ZX80 mounting version


comparison of pictures:


example of picture with this module (normal, soldering jumper not set)

normal picture with this module


example of inverted picture with this module (soldering jumper set)

inverted picture with module


the poor picture quality with the RF modulator output in comparison: sharpless and noisy,
some modern TVs cannot display the old picture at all (!)

poor picture with RF modulator in comparison


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Picture gallery

  • ZX8-CCB - video output for ZX80
  • ZX8-CCB - video output for ZX80
  • ZX8-CCB - video output for ZX80
  • ZX8-CCB - video output for ZX80
  • ZX8-CCB - video output for ZX80
  • ZX8-CCB - video output for ZX80

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