Make this my favourite ZX-Uno v4.2 with case. ZX Spectrum clone

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  1. What is ZX-Uno? 
    Basically it's a FPGA based board focused in the synthesis of ZX Spectrum computer models. It has the same size of a Raspberry Pi (85.60x56mm) so it would fit into a RasPi case. There are other 8 bit machines in development to be implemented under the same hardware.
  2. Which machines would fit into the FPGA? 
    Firstly it's intended to the whole range of ZX Spectrum machines and extra features like ULAPlus, Turbosound, etc, but also will accept other machines with the same or less complexity. With the new flash chip you will have 45 slots to allocate different machines in each one. Only will fit 8 bit machines with a maximum size of 512Kb between ROM and RAM, with a simple hardware to shyntetize (nothing about hardware sprites or similar stuff). This is the actual list of supported machines:
    • ZX Spectrum     
    • SAM Coupé       
    • Jupiter ACE     
    • Apple ][        
    • Master System   
    • Acorn Atom      
    • BBC Micro       
    • Acorn Electron  
    • Oric Atmos      
    • VIC-20          
    • Nintendo NES    
    • Atari 800XL     
    • Atari 2600      
    • Colecovision    
    • MSX1          
    • C64              
    • PET
    • PC/XT            
  3. Which connectors are included? 
    The board is designed to use the same enclosures as the Raspberry Pi ones, so the connectors follow the same layout and are the next:
    • Video: Composite video throw RCA connector, RPi case compatible.
    • Audio: Stereo audio throw a 3.5mm stereo jack, RPi case compatible
    • Keyboard: PS/2 connector in the same place of the Ethernet connector in the RPi case
    • Power: Regulated 5V throw a micro-USB connector, RPi case compatible
    • Joystick: DB9 Atari port, in the same place of USB ports in the RPi case
    • Storage: SD card, RPi case compatible
    • Tape Load: 3.5mm jack conector, next to the JTAG/RGB connector. Not RPi compatible, you must make the hole
    • Expansion: 3x12 female pin header, in the same position of the RPi layout
    • RGB and VGA: 9 pin Micro-JST connector in place of HDMI connector of RPi. Custom cable allows VGA and Scart output.
    • JTAG: 6 pin Micro-JST, internal connector.
More info at its official web page:
The case is modified manually, so you will receive a ZX-Uno like in the pictures. As you can see, the case has rubber feet and holes for screws.

Picture gallery

  • ZX-Uno v4.2 with case. ZX Spectrum clone
  • ZX-Uno v4.2 with case. ZX Spectrum clone
  • ZX-Uno v4.2 with case. ZX Spectrum clone
  • ZX-Uno v4.2 with case. ZX Spectrum clone
  • ZX-Uno v4.2 with case. ZX Spectrum clone
  • ZX-Uno v4.2 with case. ZX Spectrum clone

Questions and Answers

  • Question: Do you also have the VGA & SCART output cables available?

    Posted by X***r (12) - 30/05/2018 11:53:21

    Answer: Yes. They are for sale on antoniovillena dot es

  • Question: Shipping to Brazil?

    Posted by c***j (0) - 30/10/2017 10:31:39

    Answer: Yes. Price is in GBP, but If you prefer pay in EUR I can put the listing to 74 EUR

  • Question: Does this include warranty also with the unit?

    Posted by m***y (20) - 01/08/2017 21:03:54

    Answer: Yes. According with the spanish law it has 2 years warranty

  • Question: Hi does this support loading from external tape recorder on other machines also such as Amstrad CPC, Atari, etc?

    Posted by m***y (20) - 25/06/2017 20:15:54

    Answer: Yes. The tape loading from external audio source (for example tape recorder) is implemented in all machines. The disk for example is not implemented in all machines. Fortunately tape in is very easy to implement

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