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PositivoPositivo h***n (6) High quality. Fast shipping of the order. Everything is ok. I recommend. 30/10/2023  16:05:52
PositivoPositivo b***r (3) Arrived promptly and as described by the seller. Excellent keyboard for my ZX-81! 24/10/2023  23:29:58
PositivoPositivo m***f (10) Some assembly required, just the way I like it! Works great on my TS1000, thanks for the fast shipping and excellent keyboard! 18/02/2022  20:48:50

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ZX-Key Lite: The ZX81 Mechanical Keyboard and Interface Card 

 (Gateron Yellow Switches)

Ever dreamed of a decent external keyboard for your ZX81? Then the ZX-Key Lite is the mechanical keyboard for you. The ZX-Keys Lite keyboard is similar to the popular Memotech ZX81 keyboard from the 80s, desinged to be used on your ZX81.

Please NOTE, the ZX-KEY Lite can not be connected to your PC or MAC, however it may be upgraded to do so. Additionally ,the Classic / Full ZX-Keys is also avaliable that has the PC, MAC and ZX81 connectivity.


Package Includes

  • Fully assembled ZX-Key Keyboard with Gateron Yellow key linear switches and PBT key-caps.
  • ZX81 Expansion Interface Card. Compatible with ZX80, ZX81 and TS1000.
  • IDC cable for connecting.
  • Quality Self Adhesive Keyboard Stickers for ZX81, ZX80 and ZX Spectrum keyboards.


***Note*** Keyboard does not come with a case, however a simple case has been designed which is available separately from Shapways: Shapways

In Addition a full case has now been designed based on the simple case. All case components are also avaliable on Shapeways. Shapways

All details on the keyboard can be found at ZX81 Keyboard Adventure


Computer Compatibility

The Interface and Keyboard are fully compatible with Sinclair hardware and software.

Compatible Systems:

  • Sinclair ZX80
  • Sinclair ZX81
  • Timex Sinclair 1000

Incompatible Systems:

  • Timex Sinclair 1500 
  • ZX Minstrel -  Requires a different adapter board (can be supplied, but will require user soldering)


Known Compatible Add-ons & Expansions:

  • ZXpand
  • ZXpand Plus
  • UDG 4 ZXpand
  • ZX81 Chroma 81 SCART Interface
  • ZX81 ULA Replacement - By Andy Rea
  • vLA81 : A replacement for the Sinclair ZX81 ULA
  • All video Modifications will work without issue.


Galeria de imagens

  • ZX-Key LITE: The ZX81 Mechanical Keyboard and Interface Card  (Gateron Yellow Switches)
  • ZX-Key LITE: The ZX81 Mechanical Keyboard and Interface Card  (Gateron Yellow Switches)

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