Make this my favourite WiiJoy -- Wii Nunchuck to Commodore Atari ZX Spectrum Kempston Joystick adapter

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WiiJoy adapter DYI kit will let you use your Wii Nunchuck controller as a Commodore/Atari/ZX Spectrum (Kempston only) joystick.
This is a DYI kit that requires soldering (I also sell assembled adapters). Wii Nunchuck is not included.
The kit supports both genuine and aftermarket Wii Nunchuck controllers. WiiJoy adapter also support "rapid fire" function (button C on Wii Nunchuck).

The kit is suitable for beginners. Approximate project duration: 15-30 minutes.

Kit includes:
  • [1] U1 - Pre-programmed microcontroller IC (14-pin DIP)
  • [1] Q1 - 3-pin voltage regulator (78L33) -- provides 3.3v power for Wii Nunchuck
  • [1] D1 LED
  • [3] R1,R3,R4 10k resistors
  • [1] R2 330 Ohm resistor
  • [1] C1 10uF x 16V capacitor
  • [1] 9-pin (DB-9 female) connector
  • [1] WiiJoy PCB


Required tools:
  • Soldering iron & consumables (flux,solder)
  • Wire cutter
  • [optional] Cleaning solvent (90%+ alcohol or acetone)

Detailed building instructions for beginners:

To solder each component (except U1): position it on the board and cut the leads to leave aproximately 1/16" (1mm) on the soldering side. Apply small amount of flux, apply soldering iron to let the solder flow into the hole. The following soldering sequence is recommended:

1. Solder Kempston DB-9 connector
2. Solder in resistors R1-R4
3. Solder in C1, observing polarity. Ground pin (marked on the capacitor with a stripe) goes into the white-painted hole (the other hole has a + next to it).
4. Solder in Q1. Be sure to match the shape of the component with its foorprint on the board. Do not insert it all the way, leave 1/4" (3mm) of pins visible on the component side of the board.
5. Solder in D1 (LED), observing polarity. The cathode pin goes into the square-shaped hole. If you are not sure which pin is the cathode, just skip this step and inserting the LED each way once you complete the device (the LED will light up when inserted correctly), and then solder it last. Solder the LED quickly, do not overheat it to avoid melting its plastic body.
6. Insert the controller IC, aligning its body with the footprint on the board. Pin 1 on the IC shoud be located next to the DB-9 connector.
7. Gently cleanup the board with alcohol, if necessary, to remove flux.

Connecting Wii Nunchuck:
The Nunchuck's connector has three pins on one side and two pins on the other. Be sure to match them to 3 and 2-pin pads on WiiJoy PCB.


  1. Plug WiiJoy into a joystick port. The LED should light up. If it does not, check LED polarity, U1, and Q1 polarity and soldering (shorted connections, unsoldered pins).
  2. Connect Wii Nunchuck to the adapter. The LED should turn off (Nunchuck detected). If the LED stays on, check Nunchuck connection.
  3. Press fire (Z). The LED should light up.
  4. Press (C) button. The LED should start blinking (this is the "rapid fire" function of the adapter).

Have fun!

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  • WiiJoy -- Wii Nunchuck to Commodore Atari ZX Spectrum Kempston Joystick adapter
  • WiiJoy -- Wii Nunchuck to Commodore Atari ZX Spectrum Kempston Joystick adapter
  • WiiJoy -- Wii Nunchuck to Commodore Atari ZX Spectrum Kempston Joystick adapter

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