Make this my favourite v3 Retro-Printer Module (capture and convert centronics port data) - TEST / DEVELOPMENT MODEL

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Retro-Printer Module (v3)

This is the v3 Retro-Printer Module from RWAP Software.

The v3 model is being offered for testing / development purposes, as it has two main issues:

a) There is a manufacturing fault with the centronics connector.  This is rectified by the use of a short adaptor cable (supplied) which swaps pins 19 to 36 (or you can use it as is with a Miracle Systems Serial to Centronics Adaptor).

b) This module will NOT work with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ (or later).

Subject to the above, the v3 Retro-Printer works with all earlier versions of the Raspberry Pi, incuding the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.  As you can see from the pictures, the short adaptor cable supplied to correct the issue on the v3 Centronics connector is a little unweidly - but this could be overcome by screwing the case to something...

The v3 is due to soon be superceded by the v4 Module which resolves a manufacturing fault on the centronics connector, and also includes changes to allow it to work with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ (and later).  The v4 Module will be sold at full price (£75).


The Retro-Printer module (Retroprinter) is a direct replacement for an old dot-matrix or inkjet printer.  The Retro-Printer connects to a standard centronics cable and captures plain text, Epson ESC/P2 and HP PCL printer data sent to the centronics port by a wide range of industrial equipment and vintage computers.

The captured data can be stored electronically, or used to connect a modern USB or network printer with these retro computers and vintage machines.

Our custom software runs on a Raspberry Pi (not supplied) which converts the captured data as required.  The Retro-Printer Module connects as a HAT to the GPIO port on the Raspberry Pi.  You can then connect modern printers to the Raspberry Pi for further printing, or access the captured data by connecting to the Raspberry Pi over ethernet or WiFi for further processing, or simple e-document storage.

Various configuration options currently allow you to:

  • Simply spool captured data to a file on the SD card or a USB memory stick (for example, this is ideal for logging systems)
  • Strip ESC/P and ESC/P2 codes (including graphics) from the captured data to extract the plain text
  • Create a PDF version of the original printer output (HP PCL, plain text, ESC/P and ESC/P2 printers) to create an electronic version of printed output
  • Print the PDF to a modern printer connected via USB or network*
  • Write your own software to control the three LEDs (currently used to show power, busy and online status).

* For printing the PDF you need a printer which is recognised by Linux CUPS.

The software is supplied as one of several 8GB or 16GB SD card image downloads for use with the Single Board Computers, with all that you need.  We also offer a pre-programmed 16GB SanDisk micro-SD card with SD card convertor for an extra charge if you prefer.  The latest version of the software (for various single board computes) and the latest manual can be accessed here.

To date, we have received feedback that the v3 Module has been used to successfully allow the following computers and equipment to capture and store or print output sent to the centronics port:

  • Acorn BBC Micro (B) Home Computer
  • Commodore C64 Home Computer with a W&T92000 serial to centronics adaptor
  • Commodore Amiga A1200 Home Computer
  • Door Entry Systems
  • Escon R50 Brake Testing Machine
  • Oric / Atmos Home Computer
  • Strobe Data Products HAWK System (Data General Nova and Eclipse replacement)
  • Sinclair QL Home Computer with a Miracle Systems Centronics convertor
  • Teltek C60 Checkweigher

More details appear on the Retro-Printer Module website ( We would also recommend that you join in the discussions on the Retro-Printer Forums.

What You Need

  1. A Single Board Computer - ideally a Raspberry Pi quad core version (Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi 3 Model B), as these will fit in the case we have designed and offer separately.  You will also need a suitable power supply for the Raspberry Pi.

  2. A centronics cable - the Retro-Printer connects via an industry standard centronics connector.

Optional Extras

To add one or more optional extras, use Buy Now on each item but DO NOT pay.  Instead go to Items I've Won and request an invoice so we can combine shipping on these and any other bits you might want at the same time.

We welcome feedback and ideas for improvement of the software; and can work with customers to provide new conversion filters as required, dependent on your application and demand.


I Only have an RS232 Port

We are developing a version of the Retro-Printer Module which will connect directly to an RS232 port.  In the meantime, you will need an RS232 to Centronics convertor in order to connect to the Retro-Printer.  These can sometimes be found second hand; although we are hoping to be able to supply a low cost RS232 to Centronice convertor in the future.

NOTE: Pictures currently show the released version of the Retro-Printer Module, in situ attached to a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (not included) and inside the Retro-Printer Case (available separately)

Picture gallery

  • v3 Retro-Printer Module (capture and convert centronics port data) - TEST / DEVELOPMENT MODEL
  • v3 Retro-Printer Module (capture and convert centronics port data) - TEST / DEVELOPMENT MODEL
  • v3 Retro-Printer Module (capture and convert centronics port data) - TEST / DEVELOPMENT MODEL
  • v3 Retro-Printer Module (capture and convert centronics port data) - TEST / DEVELOPMENT MODEL
  • v3 Retro-Printer Module (capture and convert centronics port data) - TEST / DEVELOPMENT MODEL

Questions and Answers

  • Question: I am interested in purchasing this plus the case and software. what will the total be shipped to Michigan usa?

    Posted by v***a (3) - 09/06/2019  14:26:12

    Answer: Hi - total would be £14.50 - the software and case do not add much to the weight of the package

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