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These are a mixture of branded and unbranded Brand New 3.5" Blank DSDD Diskettes for use with DD (720K) disk drives.  They are increasingly rare to find - some are branded TDK and Maxell but the majority are unbranded

These also do not have any labels on them and have not been previously used - so are ideal for using your own labels.  We have a small stock of the normal index labels if you require some.

They are 1MB unformatted, but format to provide between 720K and 880K of storage (depending on the system).  They are known as Low Density or Double Density disk drives (compared to the more usual High Density - 1.44Mb disks used on modern disk drives).

These disks are suitable for :

  • Commodore Amiga 600, Amiga 1200 and C64 with 1581 3.5" drive
  • Atari ST and Mega ST
  • Apple Mac Classic, Macintosh Plus and Apple II GS
  • Acorn Archimedes and BBC Micro (With 3.5" Disk Drive)
  • HP 9133D, 9133H and 9133L
  • Sinclair QL (with disk interface) and  ZX Spectrum (with disk interface)
  • Early PC compatibles.

They are also suitable for the following music equipment :

  • Yamaha SY-85, SY-77, TX16W and Disclavier MX100B
  • Cheetah SX16
  • Korg 01/W and Korg DSS-1
  • Roland MC-50, MC-300, MC-500, D20, S-550, S-330, W-30, JV-1000, DJ70, DJ70mkii and S-760
  • Peavy DPM3 se, se+, DPM4 and DPM 488,
  • E-mu System Emax, Emax II, SP1200, Emulator III and Emulator EIIIx
  • Ensoniq Mirage, EPS 16, EPS 16 Plus and SQ80
  • Akai MPC60, MPC60II and S900
  • Solton MS40
  • Many other samplers, synthesizers and music equipment.


They are also suitable for some embroidery and sewing equipment :

Tajima, Brother, Melco-DOS andToyota.

Also still used by a wide range of industrial machinery from the 1980s onwards - if the system needs 3.5" DSDD disks, these are the ones you need.

In excellent condition and extremely rare to find now.  We also have a few of the even rarer 2.88Mb (or 3.2Mb) ED diskettes!!

Price is per diskette



Bearing in mind the difficulty in finding suitable external DD disk drives and new 3.5" DD disks now, it is worth your while considering whether to replace external disk drives with the new HxC Disk Drive Emulator, which will allow you to store disk images on an SD card - many computers and industrial machinery can use this and move away from floppy disks entirely.

Questions and Answers

  • Soru: Can you send in boxes (minimum 10) or loose?

    Gönderen i***s (4) - 26/01/2015  22:26:29

    Cevap: We have a limited number of cardboard boxes for disks so can either send loose or fill a box.

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Satıcı: Rich Mellor t/as RWAP Software 4 Firs Close, St. Martins, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY11 3LT, United Kingdom
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