Make this my favourite Superfo Harlequin 128 ZX Spectrum 128K clone NEW VERSION 3D Full Assembly Board

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This is a assembled board of "Superfo Harlequin 128 Issue 3D" , a new version of popular ZX Spectrum Clone Kit.

PCB is the same size as previous version of Superfo Harlequin, can be fit in 48K or 48K+ case.

- PCB rev 3D support 128K, 128K+2, 128K +2A/+3/+3E ROM

- EPROM can be 27C256, 27C512 or 29F040 (upto 8 banks of 64K, select by dip switch)

- 128K RAM

- Video signal is ZX Spectrum 48K/128K timing (select by switch)

- AY-8912 sound chip

- Kempston Joystick port

- Simple 8 bit CF interface on board (for use with HD/CF and +3e ROM)

- RS232 on board

- Composite output, support both PAL and NTSC (There is a footprint to install 3.579MHz oscilator for NTSC)

- Use standard ZX Spectrum Adapter, 9V with center pin negative (-)

Any question please contact me.


Questions and Answers

  • Question: Hello, What is the difference between the pcb version 3B and 3C ? I have recently bought 2 pcb of the 3b version...

    Posted by G***o (2) - 20/03/2019 20:37:03

    Answer: They are almost the same, 3C has a header for ESP8266 module, 3B also has a header but need wiring between header and AY pins. ESP8266 is an option, no any propgram to support it yet.

  • Question: Is there a kit version? What about the 3C PCB version?

    Posted by f***s (0) - 09/03/2019 20:54:47

    Answer: Right now I ship with 3C version, no more 3B. You can buy a Kit for $99.00, just buy this one and wait for me to send an invoice before make a payment.

  • Question: Do I need to provide my own rom or dose it come with a ROM?

    Posted by t***4 (1) - 08/09/2018 15:59:45

    Answer: It comse with ROM, ready to use

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