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This is the program Tasprint which was written by Tasman Software Limited for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K home computer and is advertised as 'the style-writer'.

Basically, it takes text files and allows you to edit the text file on-screen and change portions of the text to use different font styles.

The fonts are generated using the built in UDG font codes on many printers (which have built in fonts!). 

Although the different fonts are not shown on screen during the editing process, you can see special characters which mark the start and end of each font change.

Tasprint comes with 5 different fonts which can be applied to a document -

  • Compacta - heavy and bold font, good for emphasis
  • Data Run - a futuristic script
  • Lectura Light - clean and easily read font
  • Median - a business font 
  • Palace Script - a distinctive, flowing font (that looks to be joined up writing).

You can also add one of four styles to each font - normal, inverse, boxed or underlined.

Provided in original oversized sleeve, complete with inlay, manual and original cassette.

In excellent condition.

-- Buy with Confidence from RWAP Software, supporting the Sinclair QL since 1987 --



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