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w***d (16) £39.99 24/10/2022  11:38:17 1
S***1 (1) £39.99 13/09/2021  12:52:52 1
Z***n (1) £39.99 22/07/2018  13:47:57 1
s***n (2) £39.99 14/02/2017  14:17:58 1
j***a (2) £29.99 11/01/2016  19:18:58 1
s***t (1) £29.99 03/06/2015  18:29:28 1
N***e (8) £29.99 20/02/2015  00:27:19 1
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PositifPositif S***1 (1) Great service, Ian is a very professional and thorough person. Highly recommend his services 22/10/2021  16:57:33
PositifPositif Z***n (1) Great thing. Speccy is running again. Thanks! 17/09/2018  12:54:55

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We at Mutant Caterpillar Games have been fixing Sinclair Spectrums for years, everything from a lowly 16K Spectrum through to the mighty Plus 3. Now we've decided to go into business supporting old machines and consoles.... maybe we can help you?

Repair costs £39.99 + parts (which are normally rather cheap!) - we can also recondition your Spectrum by fitting the excellent reproductions of the facia to get it looking great again, and we can also fit brand new membranes, if you wish. 

In the case where we can't repair your machine (it's possible!) we won't charge anything for the time taken to look at it, so we'll refund your payment minus our postage costs. This is very unusual though as we have stocks of most of the hard to find components including ULA's!

We have personally designed a test ROM which allows us to fault-find many of the usual faults very quickly, so why not send your Speccy to us and have it working once more, like it did in the '80s!

Questions and Answers

  • Question: If I send my 2 ZX Spectrums 48K to you. Do you think you are ready before the end of the year so you send them back to me in Netherlands before Brexit?

    Publié par a***t (10) - 25/10/2020  18:17:43

    Répondre We should be able to do that, yes. I can't guarantee anything though as we are very busy and, more importantly, postal services are very unpredictable at the moment because of the Covid.

  • Question: Would you do modifications? For example, add AY to rubber Spectrum?

    Publié par A***n (11) - 31/01/2016  10:10:39

    Répondre As long as it's well documented and the parts are available (or you provide them) then sure. I can *not* do case mods though, so nothing involving a drill!

  • Question: What are the postage rates for Hong Kong?

    Publié par N***e (8) - 19/02/2015  12:07:26

    Répondre That depends rather on what kind of Spectrum it is. :) Also, if you can send just the motherboard rather than the whole machine that'll keep costs down too. Is it a rubber-key Spectrum or a later one?

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Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, United Kingdom
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