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Añadir a mis favoritos Sinclair QL QLUB News Issue 5 (May/Jun 1985)

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This is the magazine Sinclair QL QLUB News Issue 5 (May/Jun 1985) which was published by Sinclair Research Limited and issued to members of the QLUB which they set up for early QL users.  This was the issue which announced the promotion of the QL in the USA - citing more than 250,000 ZX80 and ZX81s sold in the USA during 1980 and 1981 before Timex starting producing the computers.

The magazine contained the latest news about the QL (although was initially fairly heavily biased towards Sinclair's own products), as well as reviews, programming tips and articles on making the most of the software which came with the QL.

This eidtion includes an article on connecting a QL to monochrome monitors, and communications between the QL and an IBM PC.

There is even a short program listing for a program to help convert data stored on the Spectrum's Vu-File database, so that you can import it into Abacus.

In fair condition - some page curling.


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