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This is the word game, Q-Word, published by RWAP Software for the Sinclair QL home computer.

This version is supplied on CD-ROM for use with the freeware QPC2 Emulator, or with the QXL QL Emulator board.


Q-Word is a word game for the Sinclair QL home computer which makes the most of the new graphics modes available on the latest versions of the Sinclair QL, such as the Aurora motherboard (provided you have a Super Gold Card), the Q40 and Q60 computers and emulators such as QPC2 to bring a high colour mouse controlled game to the Sinclair QL community, which can be enjoyed by the whole family.


QWord has taken months of programming, including a re-write of the famous Turbo SuperBASIC compiler. The Q40/Q60 version forms the largest ever commercial program released for the QL, at over 5Mb.  We are grateful for the work by the development team : Geoff Wicks (programming), Rich Mellor (Game design and programming), Phoebus Dokos (Graphics design) and George Gwilt (Turbo Compiler).

The aim of the game is simple - you need to clear a grid of letters by making as many words as you can from adjacent letters in the grid.  Points are awarded depending on the letters used as well as the length of the word.  You play against the clock as well as the dictionary, as you wrack your brains to try and make words out of the letters in the grid.  A wrong word loses you points as do any tiles left on the grid at the end of the game.  As a result, it is important to use as big a dictionary as possible for use with the program - the program currently supports QTYP dictionaries, which are widely available and we can even supply a copy of PWord - the 500,000+ word UK English Dictionary for QTYP to use with the program..  Other dictionaries are available from Just Words.

You have three levels of play for the program, each of which offers a different time limit and more tiles on the grid, from level 1 (14 x 9 tiles) to level 3 (29 x 19 tiles) and with a random grid generated for each time that you play, you can be assured that you will not become tired of this game easily.

Addictive without being frustrating.  Can you get your name on the high score table??

QPC2 version requires QPC2 v3.20+ in order to use full digital sound

QXL Version requires SMSQ/e v2.98 but does not support digital sound.

Q40 and Q60 versions require SMSQ/e v3.00 or later


Foreign Language Versions

QWord can also be configured to support the following language grids:

English (UK)
English (USA)

The dictionaries for each language are available separately - for non-English versions, you need specialist QTYP dictionaries for each language which remove the need for accented characters in the foreign languages.

We charge £2 for each additional language or £5 if you want to use PWord (the 500,000+ word UK English dictionary.

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  • Sinclair QL Game: Q-Word by RWAP Software (QPC2 / QXL Version)
  • Sinclair QL Game: Q-Word by RWAP Software (QPC2 / QXL Version)
  • Sinclair QL Game: Q-Word by RWAP Software (QPC2 / QXL Version)

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