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This is one of several Sinclair QL Box-Sets released during 2014, to mark the 30th anniversary of the Sinclair QL Home Computer.

This is the Sinclair QL Adventures Box-Set 2.

The box contains a printed manual plus 2 x 3.5" (DSDD) disks containing the following Sinclair QL Adventures:

  • Mortville Manor written by Bruno Gourier and Bernard Grelaud and published by Pyramide
  • Aquanaut 471 written by B J Chambless / C H Robertson Consultants and published by Microdeal
  • West written by Alan Black and Jon R Malone and published by Talent
  • The Prawn written by Mert and published by Talent

NOTE: 256K RAM is required as a minimum.

Mortville Manor (or Le Manoir de Mortevielle) is an adventure based within a large house in France, where you play the role of the great detective, Jérôme Lange and have been invited to stay, only to find yourself in the middle of a mystery.

The scenario has a lot of atmosphere, although there are limited descriptions for each location - instead you have to rely on the pictures which are drawn and the interaction with other people around the house, if you are to solve the mystery.

The range of commands is more limited than normal, as this is suppose to be more interactive than a normal text adventure. For example, enter the command OPEN and a small cursor appears on the screen for you to move and indicate which object you wish to open.

Aquanaut 471 is a text adventure which not only includes graphics for each of the locations, but when you get to certain points of the game, there is a mini-arcade game which you need to complete.

In this game, you are in charge of a submarine which has been sent to investigate what has happened at an underwater base. As you near the base, you can feel the effects of the explosion and need to investigate - get to the base before the air on your submarine runs out.

West is a classic real-time text adventure, being one of the first two adventures released for the Sinclair QL.  This game is based in the Wild West, where you play the part of a sheriff with only a trusty six-shooter and a steed as friends. You are on the track of a notorious gang of bank robbers who have gone to ground near an abandoned mining town deep in Indian territory. They have hidden the stolen loot. Your task - to outwit and outgun the robbers, collect as much loot as possible and piece together clues on how to escape. Can you survive this harsh environment and escape from this gold-rush town?

You have to cope with Red Indians, bank robbers and rattlesnakes. Events happen in real-time outside your control - Indians charge, rattle-snakes slither past and robbers appear and shoot you.

The Prawn is a humerous text adventure which acts as a spoof of the classic Magnetic Scrolls adventure, The Pawn.  In this version, you play the role of a Prawn who was scooped up in a trawler net and you end up on a strange land, wearing a copper tail-band, which must have been placed on you during your sleep because you cannot remember how it got there.

Many features of this game are similar to the Pawn, although not all of the puzzles can be solved in the same manner. There is a philosopher, an itinerant salesperson, a magician who arrives on a giant pop bottle top, a castle with gardens to explore, a mountain with a cave, an Ice Tower guarded by a shrimp and even a tree stump!!

All copyright holders receive a royalty for each copy sold.

(The gallery shows all of the box sets which have been released so far).

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  • Sinclair QL Box-Set - QL Adventures 2
  • Sinclair QL Box-Set - QL Adventures 2
  • Sinclair QL Box-Set - QL Adventures 2
  • Sinclair QL Box-Set - QL Adventures 2
  • Sinclair QL Box-Set - QL Adventures 2
  • Sinclair QL Box-Set - QL Adventures 2
  • Sinclair QL Box-Set - QL Adventures 2

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