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This is the Sinclair QL Arcade game Jungle Eddi written by Stefan Kuhne, originally published by Talent Software for the Sinclair QL Home Computer and now published by RWAP Software under licence.

Jungle Eddi includes the best features of an outdoor maze and elements of risk to sustain your interest.

Two levels of play are provided as the initial options which determine the speed of character movement and your reaction time. Local scenery and background throughout the game occurs in a hundred smoothly-changing, random obstacle layouts - no two successive games are exactly the same.

Well-balanced in terms of action, risks, elements of judgment - to jump or not to jump - and movement options, you have opportunities of gaining lives as you, in the tradition of Tarzan, jump from ground to branch or through the trees to capture the flying hearts. At the same time you must avoid poisonous snakes, scorpions and tortoises, or falling to your death into crevasses or drowning in the evil, smelly marshes.

Points are gained by capturing flying bells, numbers and pigmy stickmen versions of Tinkerbell, or is it Peter Pan? If Eddi is on the ground, he can be killed by greenfly or, if he jumps, the greenfly are worth 200 points. Pinkfly can either push you to your death or cause you to jump.


Supplied on 3.5" Disk

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