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This is the Sinclair QL Arcade game E.V.A. written by Dave Young, Andrew Greenwood, Dave Windett (Graphics and cover illustrations) and Richard Bellingham and published by Westway Limited for the Sinclair QL home computer and now published by RWAP Software under licence.

E.V.A. is similar to Jet Pac for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum in some ways.  You control a suited spaceman, as he
attempts to construct a pieces of hardware to repair the Space Station - blasting away at the aliens intent on destroying you.

"Life for a construction worker on a space station is hard ..... Even harder when the station is under attack!! Can YOU keep the twenty-six most vulnerable sections functioning as the alien attack increases in ferocity and cunning?

Then go E.V.A with WESTWAY......Purveyors of quality software."

"It really is great fun.....Easily the best game for the QL to date" - PCW 31/5/85

"Good flicker-free sprites" - Sinclair User July '85

Fully Joystick Compatible

Supplied on 3.5" Disk

Youtube Video

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