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This is the Sinclair QL Adventure game Aquanaut 471. written by C H Robertson Consultants and published by Microdeal for the Sinclair QL home computer and now published by RWAP Software under licence.

Aquanaut 471 places you on board a submarine which has been sent to investigate a series of explosions at an underwater research centre. Your adventure first starts out on the high seas, where you must dive down and find the research centre.

As you move from location to location, you are given a graphic representation of the view, as well as descriptive text. You also need to consider your oxygen supply onboard the submarine once you dive underwater.

By contrast to an ordinary adventure, Aquanaut 471 incorporates some mini arcade games - the first of these is when you find the research centre - you need to navigate your way between the air bubbles to land your submarine at the dock of the research centre. Once landed, you can get out of your submarine and then explore, back again as a normal text adventure, looking for and collecting items littered around the research centre, whilst working out how to get around various obstacles and puzzles.

NOTE currently not compatible with QPC or SMSQ/e

Supplied on 3.5" disk

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