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This is one of several Sinclair QL Game Box-Sets released during 2014, to mark the 30th anniversary of the Sinclair QL Home Computer.

This is the Sinclair QL Games Box-Set 5.

This is the digital download version of the box-set - with an IMG file for the disk, and a PDF version of the manual.  This IMG file is ideal for use with an emulator, or convert to HXE format for use with a HxC or Gotek floppy disk emulator and the QL.  The pictured box is NOT included.  You will need 3D glasses for QL Wanderer

See our listings for the physical version of this box-set.

The following Sinclair QL Games are included in the download package:

  • Crazy Painter written by C H Robertson Consultants and published by Microdeal
  • Firebirds written by Jochen Merz & Stefan Kuhne and published by Jochen Merz Software
  • The Lost Pharaoh written by Stefan Kuhne and published by Talent+ Software
  • QL Pengi written by Jochen Merz & R. Bienik and published by Jochen Merz Software
  • Stone Raider II written by Alex J Herbert and published by Talent+ Software
  • QL Wanderer written by Beatrice, Jean-Luc & Frederic Langlois and published by Pyramide

NOTE: 256K RAM is required as a minimum.

Crazy Painter is an arcade game with the simple premise of filling the screen with paint using your paint brush.  However, you have to deal with dogs, a spider, a snake and a bubble all of which will make marks on your paintwork or run off with your paint!

Firebirds is an attractive shoot 'em up game with good graphics and sound.  You are fighting alien creatures in the form of Firebirds who can retaliate by dropping bombs on you as you try to shoot them.

The Lost Pharaoh is a colourful arcade adventure where you take the role of an explorer searching for lost treasure inside the Pharoah's tomb.  Find your way through the labyrinth of underground passages which lead to the sealed burial chamber. collecting keys to open gates, and avoiding the insects and snakes which have taken up residence in the tomb.

QL Pengi is an arcade puzzle game where you have to survive the Antarctic climate, trapped inside a maze of ice blocks, surrounded by an electric fence and avoiding the Snobees who are running all over the ice.  Push the blocks of ice to squash the snobees and clear a way to the exit.

Stone Raider II is based on the classic arcade game, Boulderdash where you have to go underground and collect as many Hexogems as you can in the time available, watching out for the rocks which will fall from above and dealing with other hazards in the mine, including toxic waste and mutant creatures.

QL Wanderer is a game with true isometic 3D (for which you will need the 3D glasses supplied), with the simple premise of exploring the galaxy in the quest of rescuing your landlady's cat.  However, it is a universe where the planets play poker in order to gain more currency (cats!).  You travel between planets, playing poker, collecting cats and aces in order to win the various hands, whilst at the same time, navigating space, black holes and dealing with other ships, which may or may not be friendly.

All copyright holders receive a royalty for each copy sold.

(The gallery shows all of the box sets which have been released so far).

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  • Sinclair QL (DIgital) Box-Set - QL Games 5
  • Sinclair QL (DIgital) Box-Set - QL Games 5
  • Sinclair QL (DIgital) Box-Set - QL Games 5

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