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Descrição do ficheiro

This is one of several Sinclair QL Box-Sets released during 2014, to mark the 30th anniversary of the Sinclair QL Home Computer.

This is the Sinclair QL Games Box-Set 2.

This is the digital download version of the box-set - with an IMG file for the disk, and a PDF version of the manual and reference Card for QL Flight Simulator.  This IMG file is ideal for use with an emulator, or convert to HXE format for use with a HxC or Gotek floppy disk emulator and the QL.  The pictured box is NOT included.

See our listings for the physical version of this box-set.

The following Sinclair QL Games are included in the download package:

  • QL Flight Simulator written by C H Roberson Consultants and published by Microdeal / Talent+
  • Blast Buggy written by Paul Tuck and published by Shadow Games / Talent+
  • Night Nurse written by S Renton and published by Shadow Games / Talent+
  • The Lonely Joker written by Jochen Merz and published by RWAP Software
  • QL Hopper written by Steve Bak and S J Proctor and published by Microdeal / Talent+
  • Gwendoline written by Benoit and Denis Hambúchen and published by Labochrome

NOTE: 256K RAM is required as a minimum. The Lonely Joker requires 640K.

QL Flight Simulator is a small plane flight simulator, written with help from an aeronautical engineer to make it as realistic as possible for pilots and student pilots alike.

The program allows you to take off, fly around and land in 9 different worlds - you can select the weather, wind speed, direction and cloud ceiling to try flying in different conditions.

The view is from your cockpit and provides a 3D line graphics view of the mountains and world around you (you can also use a radar view). All major instruments are included - artificial horizon, altitude, compass, climb and revs, whilst you learn to master the flaps, rudder, landing gear, ailerons and trim.

Blast Buggy is an arcade game, where you must drive your buggy across an alien landscape from base to base. You have to jump over craters and rocky outcrops, as well as avoiding or shooting the aliens who are trying to stop you.

Night Nurse is a colourful arcade adventure where you have to guide Nurse Gray around St Spooks hospital, avoiding randy doctors and Paranoid Pete as well as the forensic flu bug.  Pick up and use objects littered around the wards in your quest for the "Golden Prescription".

The Lonely Joker is a collection of various patience card games, written to run under the Pointer Environment. The games included are Echelon, Napoleon, Cascade, Spine, Crapaud and Four in Hand.

QL Hopper is a fast and furious implementation of the classic arcade game, Frogger.

The aim of the game is to guide 5 frogs across the busy six lane motorway, dodging the cars and lorries, and then across the river by jumping on the sinking lily pads and logs, whilst avoiding the crocodiles, until you can get your frog into its home.

The different speeds of each obstacle makes the game more difficult to judge - highly addictive and rewarding when you do manage to get the frogs into their homes

Gwendoline is a platform game where you play the part of a knight sent to rescue Gwendoline who has been kidnapped and locked up in castle. The knight can move around, jump, use ladders (only to go up, but not descend) and attack with a sword.

There are 38 screens in total to explore. You are battling against other knights, falling stones and other dangers, whilst the time is ticking away. You can replenish your time by eating, but beware of drinking the ale which has the effect of making movement difficult: it reverses left and right while walking, but not while jumping.

All copyright holders receive a royalty for each copy sold.

(The gallery shows all of the box sets which have been released so far).

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  • Sinclair QL (Digital) Box-Set - QL Games 2
  • Sinclair QL (Digital) Box-Set - QL Games 2
  • Sinclair QL (Digital) Box-Set - QL Games 2
  • Sinclair QL (Digital) Box-Set - QL Games 2
  • Sinclair QL (Digital) Box-Set - QL Games 2
  • Sinclair QL (Digital) Box-Set - QL Games 2

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