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This is one of several Sinclair Adventure QL Box-Sets rreleased during 2014-16, to mark the 30th anniversary of the Sinclair QL Home Computer.

This is the Sinclair QL Adventures Box-Set 1.

This is the digital download version of the box-set - with an IMG file for the disk, and a PDF version of the manual.  This IMG file is ideal for use with an emulator, or convert to HXE format for use with a HxC or Gotek floppy disk emulator and the QL.  The pictured box is NOT included.

See our listings for the physical version of this box-set.

The following Sinclair QL Adventure Games are included in the download package:

  • Nemesis MKII written by Paul P Brittain and John A Lovett and published by Talent
  • Return to Eden written by Oliver Neef and Rich Mellor and published by RWAP Software
  • The Darkside of the Moon written by Jaspar Taylor and David Colyer and published by Javid Systems
  • The Lost Kingdom of Zkul written by Alan Black and Jon R Malone and published by Talent
  • Horrorday written by Mert and published by Talent

NOTE: 256K RAM is required as a minimum.

Nemesis MKII is a text-only adventure based in space and you play the part of the hero, sent by the Council of Elders in the inner sanctum of the Federation of the Seven Galaxies, to seek and capture the most dangerous man in the galaxy, Nemesis.

A game rich in atmosphere and split into two distinct parts, it has a good range of puzzles to provide a distinct challenge to even hardened role-players.

Return to Eden is a huge text and graphics adventure, spread over 3 disks, and allowing you to control three different characters, all of which have different skills and abilities within the game.

All 3 characters have been sent by the King of Eldomir to the Island of Eden to search for and rescue his son and heir Morkin.

The game is played in real-time, with the passage of night and day affecting what you can do. The interpreter is also good at allowing English phrases, rather than the normal verb + noun format, so you can use for example, OPEN THE DOOR WITH THE WOODEN KEY.

The Darkside of the Moon is a text adventure where your mission is to recapture a moonbase and mineral mine - you arrive in your spacecraft, and need to ensure that you are prepared for the trek across the moon's surface, before you reach the moonbase and deal with the problems there.

The adventure contains over 150 locations - intelligent characters capable of carrying out tasks, split across 4 individual phases. You need a password from each phase to progress to the next phase. Also as an added bit of humour, when you fired your space gun, an arrow races across the screen, with an added sound effect.

The Lost Kingdom of Zkul is a real-time adventure based in mythological times.

Many centuries ago, the dwarves of the mountain, who had lived in peace for centuries, were besieged by the men of Caras, from far in the South. The dwarves were all but beaten, driven back to their last refuge in the Domed City, when the great Wizard Taradon, summoning his final reserves of strength, led the dwarves in a last tragic assault.

The men of Caras were defeated, but at a heavy cost to the dwarves. Few survived that day, and those that did, remain there still, mourning their dead.

Of the Wizard, little is known, although it is said that he remains in the Domed City, guarding the last precious secret of the old civilisation.

Although the history of these days has now lapsed into legend, you have heard tell of adventurers seeking the Domed City and the great treasures said to be hidden in the dwarves' mountain dwelling. Some have returned empty-handed, with tales only of failure. Most have never been heard of again.

Guided by your friend Eldomir, you have travelled to where he believes you will find the ancient dwelling place of the dwarves.

Horrorday is a text-only adventure from the same stable as The Prawn, starring the character Dennis the Dwarf, with a good spattering of humour. There was a further follow up adventure Dennis the Dwarf at the Funfear

In this adventure, you play the role of Dennis the Dwarf, who has fallen in love with a fairy called Matilda. Unfortunately, Matilda has her heart set elsewhere and after a night with your friend 'Enry the Elf, drowning your sorrows, you wake up in a strange land which could almost be the set of a Hammer Horror Movie.

Can you find your way home safely, whilst exploring a world full of werewolves, dracula look-alikes and Princesses?

Can you find Esmerelda and help her to find true love, or will you die slowly in the clutches of the witch?

All copyright holders receive a royalty for each copy sold.


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  • Sinclair QL (Digital) Box-Set - QL Adventures 1
  • Sinclair QL (Digital) Box-Set - QL Adventures 1
  • Sinclair QL (Digital) Box-Set - QL Adventures 1
  • Sinclair QL (Digital) Box-Set - QL Adventures 1
  • Sinclair QL (Digital) Box-Set - QL Adventures 1

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