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Retro-Printer RS232 Serial Port Version

(Software Only)

This is the serial port version of the popular Retro-Printer Module - it runs the same software as the centronics version of the Retro-Printer, but all you need is a Raspberry Pi and a USB to serial port convertor.

This listing is for a pre--programmed Sandisk 16GB Micro-SD card containing the serial port software plus the USB security dongle required to run the software.

We can supply the Raspberry Pi, case & PSU, and a suitable USB to serial adaptor if required, and also a USB-RTC module if you need the captured PDF files to retain the correct time and date without internet access.  Just let us know your requirements

What is the Retro-Printer For?

The Retro-Printer module is a direct replacement for an old dot-matrix or inkjet printer.  The software runs on a Raspberry Pi computer connected to a standard serial port and captures a range of early printer standards for data sent to a serial port by a wide range of industrial equipment and vintage computers.

The Retro-Printer module includes software which emulates the following printers:

  • Epson ESC/P 9 Pin
  • Epson ESC/P 24/48 Pin
  • HP Printer (PCL3 or PCL5)
  • HP Plotter (HP-GL)
  • IBM ProPrinter
  • Plain Text
  • Postscript
  • Printronix-P Series
  • Printronix Serial Matrix Series

It also includes several experimental printer emulations:

  • Apple Image Writer II
  • Seiko STP
  • Seiko QT-2100P
  • Siemens PT-88
  • Star Micronics SP700
  • Tandy DMP-105

The captured data can be stored electronically, or used to connect a modern USB or network printer with these retro computers and vintage machines.

You can then connect modern printers to the Raspberry Pi for further printing, or access the captured data by connecting to the Raspberry Pi over ethernet or WiFi for further processing, or simple e-document storage.

Various configuration options currently allow you to:

  • Simply spool captured data to a file on the SD card or a USB memory stick (for example, this is ideal for logging systems)
  • Strip ESC/P and ESC/P2 codes (including graphics) from the captured data to extract the plain text
  • Create a PDF version of the original printer output to create an electronic version of printed output
  • Print the PDF to a modern printer connected via USB or network*
  • Write your own software to control the three LEDs (currently used to show power, busy and online status).

* For printing the PDF you need a printer which is recognised by Linux CUPS.

More details appear on the Retro-Printer Module website. We would also recommend that you join in the discussions on the Retro-Printer Forums.

We welcome feedback and ideas for improvement of the software; and can work with customers to provide new conversion filters as required, dependent on your application and demand.

Will it Work With My Equipment?

Generally, the answer has to be YES.  The v4 module works with a wide range of equipment and our software continues to be improved to handle special cases.

To date, we have received feedback that the Retro-Printer has been used to successfully allow the following computers and equipment to capture and store or print output sent to the centronics port:

  • Acorn BBC Micro (B) Home Computer
  • AT&T Unix PC 7300 Computer
  • Atari 130XE, Atari 800XL and Atari ST Home Computers
  • Audio Precision ATS-1 (high-end audio measurement system)
  • Commodore Amiga A1200 Home Computer
  • Commodore C64 Home Computer with a W&T92000 serial to centronics adaptor
  • Door Entry Systems
  • Escon R50 Brake Testing Machine
  • FSA Spectrum analyser by Rohde & Schwarz
  • HP E4407 Spectrum Analyzer
  • Maguire Gravimetric Blenders (WSB series with old 6811 controllers)
  • Oric / Atmos Home Computer
  • Packard Cobra II Gamma Counter Model 5003
  • Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley PLC-5 with serial interface
  • Siemens CP-523 Serial module on a Siemens S5 PLC
  • Sinclair QL Home Computer with a Miracle Systems Centronics convertor
  • Strobe Data Products HAWK System (Data General Nova and Eclipse replacement)
  • Sun Workstation (set to output to a Postscript printer)
  • Sysmex CA-1500 Lab analyzer for blood co-agulation
  • Tandy TRS-80 Model 1 Computer and Model 102 Laptop
  • Teltek C60 Checkweigher
  • Zeiss Humphrey Automated Peripheral Visual Field Analyzer

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