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After many decades, many Commodore 64 still work fine today. Iin contrast to generations of computers that came after it, and died too soon, Commodore 64 hardware is often in good shape. But that doesn't mean that these computers never fail, and repairing them is a common activity in the community. If you work with Commodore 64 hardware, you will know that a broken PLA is one of the most common defects. Especially PLAs that were produced in the years 1983 and 1984.

Over the years many PLA replacements have appeared, such as the RealPLA, PLAnkton, PLAdvanced, Ultimate PLA and I'm sure I am missing a few. The art of building a PLA has grown increasing sophisticated and many of these PLAs are as good, if not better, than the original PLA.

The PLA20V8 is a Commodore64 PLA replacement that was designed to be low-cost and easy to build. Unlike some other PLA replacements, it has no known weakness in compatibility, while it has been extensively tested with all kinds of software and hardware. I can say this with great confidence after having sold hundrends of PLA20V8 units myself and possibly thousands that have been built by the C64 community using my files.

In summary, the PLA20V8 is an easy low cost PLA solution for your Commodore 64 with awesome compatibility.

You can read more about the PLA20V8 on its webpage: https://www.freepascal.org/~daniel/c64pla/
Please checkout the Youtube video made by Adrian Black.

You will receive:

  • 5 * adapter PCB
  • 1 * Instruction manual


In order to build a PLA replacement you will need to source the following parts yourself, for each PLA:

  • 2 * 14 pin header, round pins
  • 2 * DIP socket 24 pins narrow
  • 2 * GAL20V8B chips


The GAL20V8B chips need to be programmed with the PLA20V8 fusemaps, you can download these on the webpage of the PLA20V8. A popular programmer that can be used for programming is the TL866 by XG Autoelectric.

The PLA20V8 is really easy to solder and perfect for beginners, no previous soldering experience is required.

Note: I have made the design of the PLA20V8 open-source, so you will find it offered on many places on the internet. This is my own offering, you will buy it directly from the author.

 Would you rather prefer a soldering kit that contains all the parts you need? Look here.

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  • PLA20V8 Commodore 64 PLA replacement - set of 5 PCBS
  • PLA20V8 Commodore 64 PLA replacement - set of 5 PCBS
  • PLA20V8 Commodore 64 PLA replacement - set of 5 PCBS
  • PLA20V8 Commodore 64 PLA replacement - set of 5 PCBS
  • PLA20V8 Commodore 64 PLA replacement - set of 5 PCBS

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