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This is a board which plugs into the 6502 CPU socket on a Commodore PET computer to replace the main system ROM or RAM.

It is compatible with the following machines

  • 9" PET - 2001, 2001N, 3008, 3016, 3032, 4008, 4016, 4032
  • 12" PET/CBM - 4016, 4032, 8032, 8032-SK

It can be used on CBM 8096 and 8096-SK, but the 64K board cannot be used, so it will revert to an 8032. It cannot be used on the CBM 8296 or any CBM-II series machines.

The video RAM and character ROM are not replaced as they are wired directly to the video circuitry.

The DIP switches can be used to turn on or off sections of the ROM and RAM replacement, and also to select the ROM set.

Switches 1 and 2 allow the lower 16K of RAM and  / or the upper 16K of RAM to be replaced

Switches 3 through 5 select which of the ROM chips are replaced (see attached PDF for more info)

There are 8 ROM sets, 4 of which are for the 9" PETs without CRTC chips

  • A simple RAM / character set tester
  • BASIC 1.0 
  • BASIC 2.0
  • BASIC 4.0

The other 4 ROM sets are for 12" PET / CBM models with 6545 CRTC

  • 40 column, normal keyboard, 50Hz
  • 40 column, normal keyboard, 60Hz
  • 80 column, business keyboard, 50Hz
  • 80 column, business keyboard, 60Hz

The BASIC 2.0 and 4.0 and CRTC ROM sets all include a DOS wedge to make accessing an IEEE-488 disk drive easier. BASIC 1.0 does not support IEEE-488 disk drives.

Only a 6502 CPU should be plugged into the socket on the ROM RAM board. 64K RAM boards, 6509 boards from the Super PET or other extensions are not supported.

This version is also useful for diagnosing ROM or RAM faults. See my other listings for a smaller version which is a fit and forget upgrade to the maximum RAM and latest ROMs.

More info on my blog:


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  • PET ROM RAM Replacement Board (large)
  • PET ROM RAM Replacement Board (large)
  • PET ROM RAM Replacement Board (large)
  • PET ROM RAM Replacement Board (large)
  • PET ROM RAM Replacement Board (large)
  • PET ROM RAM Replacement Board (large)

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