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Sabit fiyat: US$120.00
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Please note: Due to the pandemic, shipping to some countries is still suspended. Now available for USA, Japan and most European countries such as UK, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands. For other countries (especially South American countries) please inquire before ordering.

Carnivore2 is the multi-functional cartridge for the MSX platform that was created in 2017. The project is still supported - new firmware for FPGA Altera is being released, as well as software - the tools for working with the cartridge, the program for creating the startup menu (boot block).

The cartridge is compatible with all MSX computers from MSX1 to TurboR. not compatible for Korean or Arabic MSXs

The set includes a 128 kb flash drive.

If you need a 2 GB flash drive, then + $ 20

If you need a Korean or Arabic MSX firmware, write when purchasing.


  • FPGA: Altera Cyclone II EP2C5Q208C8
  • 8MB FlashROM
  • Mappers support:
  1. Konami 4
  2. Konami 5
  3. ASCII8
  4. ASCII16
  5. Planar mode (64 Kb in slot)
  • 2048KB RAM on-board. 1024KB RAM Mapper, 720KB pseudo-MegaRAM.
  • Sound:
  1. PPI and PSG emulation
  2. Konami SCC and SCC+ emulation
  3. OPLL emulation (YM2413, MSX-Music)
  • External storage: CF card (CompactFlash)
  • High quality ceramic capacitors
  • Stereo audio output jack (3.5mm)
  • NEXTOR and FM-BASIC ROMs on-board
  • The color of the cartridge can be selected from those currently in stock, the full range of colors - 6.
  • Good works on MSX1, MSX2, MSX2+ and TurboR machines
  • Propietary software utility to manage all functions, load ROMs into flash memory, etc.
  • Natively supported by SofaRun
  • Printed circuit board gold plated contacts (ENIG)


Built around a Cyclone II FPGA from Altera, the Carnivore2 its a powerful piece of hardware packed with many features: FlashROM, Compact Flash storage interface (w/Nextor ROM on-board), 1MB RAM mapper, 720KB MegaRAM, SCC, SCC+, FMPAC (w/ MSX Music ROM on-board and backup RAM support) and PSG.

You can enable or disable one and each of these functions independently and combine them at will with the configuration software.

Cartridge configurations can be stored in the flash memory and then loaded from the boot menu. From this menu you can also choose any of the ROMs written into the cartridge's flash chip.

The cartridge comes with Nextor DOS ROM. This is available when the CF (IDE) function is enabled. Nextor is 100% compatible with MSXDOS2 and adds many powerfull features as native FAT16 support, virtual floppy disk through .dsk mounting, etc...

At the moment, this cartridge is the most convenient and compact device that provides all the necessary functionality.

different body color in other lots

shipping registered mail with tracking
International shipping 30 to 90 days.


useful links:



CF card image for Carnivore2


games in ROM DSK can be found here


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  • New MSX Mapper Megaram Carnivore2 2048Kb for any MSX;   PPI  PSG SCC  SCC+  OPL2
  • New MSX Mapper Megaram Carnivore2 2048Kb for any MSX;   PPI  PSG SCC  SCC+  OPL2

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