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The latest version of the SD2IEC LCD introduces a built-in real-time clock (RTC). This feature ensures that the files saved on the card have the correct date and time information. Additionally, users can display the current time using the BASIC command, allowing for easy implementation into their own programs. The new version of the SD2IEC LCD is based on the SW2 hardware variant, featuring minor changes.

SD2IEC is a card reader specifically designed for Commodore computers, offering compatibility with the following models: Commodore 64, C64C, C128, C128D, VIC-20, C16, C116, PLUS4, and SX64. It supports reading and writing various file types, including *.D64, *.D71, *.D81, *.PRG, and *.P00, and is compatible with SD cards up to 32 GB in size.

The SD2IEC works seamlessly with several software and hardware enhancements, such as Turbo Disk, Fast Load, Speeddisk, JiffyDOS, Final Cartridge 3 (fastloader/fastsaver), DreamLoad, Exos, and GEOS.

The LCD display on the SD2IEC provides valuable information, including the firmware version, drive number (modifiable with the drive switch button located on the back), the name of the current directory, and the name of the currently loaded file or disk image. This screen is particularly useful when using games and multi-disk programs, making it easier to identify the currently loaded disk image and enhancing overall usability.

The package includes the SD2IEC device itself, a serial cable (approximately 100 cm in length), a USB power cable, and a TAPE/USB power adapter specifically designed for C64, C128, and VIC-20 computers.

It's important to note that the SD2IEC is not fully compatible with the original disk drive. Original 1541 drives were notoriously slow, and game developers utilized various programming tricks and hacks to expedite the loading process. For instance, they utilized the processor inside the drive to perform additional calculations. Presently, it is estimated that the SD2IEC is capable of running over 70% of games designed for Commodore 64 computers.

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  • New 2023 SD2IEC LCD + RTC - SD Card Reader for Commodore 64 C128 C16
  • New 2023 SD2IEC LCD + RTC - SD Card Reader for Commodore 64 C128 C16
  • New 2023 SD2IEC LCD + RTC - SD Card Reader for Commodore 64 C128 C16

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