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This is the complete kit to build a Mini PET V1.58 B board which can be used to replace the main board in a Commodore PET computer. It is Commodore PET compatible, with the full compliment of 32K RAM and a generates a 40x25 monochrome display.

The board uses four of the modern WDC W65x series chips, two W65C21Ns PIAs, one W65C22N VIA and a W65C02S CPU.

This is the "B" version in green, designed to be used as a replacement board inside a PET case. See my other listing for the white "A" version which is designed to be used stand alone with a keyboard. The B board is larger than the A, in order to pick up the two real mounting pillars in the PET case.

The Mini PET has the full IO ports of a normal PET, IEEE-488, Userport and two datasette ports.

Power is via the PET power supply (5 pin or 9 pin connector), or 9V DC (selectable polarity). The board can drive a PET 9" or 12" monitor, or can output PAL or NTSC composite video.

No keyboard is included, you need to use an original PET keyboard, or one of my PET replacement keyboard listed here (or there are full size cherry switch replacement versions available elsewhere).

These are the V1.58 board, the last revision of the Mini PET B. These have the single 8 way DIP switch rather than 5 way + 3 way or jumpers as shown in some of the photos of earlier boards.

More information on my blog:


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  • Mini PET V1.58 B Full Kit
  • Mini PET V1.58 B Full Kit
  • Mini PET V1.58 B Full Kit
  • Mini PET V1.58 B Full Kit
  • Mini PET V1.58 B Full Kit
  • Mini PET V1.58 B Full Kit
  • Mini PET V1.58 B Full Kit
  • Mini PET V1.58 B Full Kit
  • Mini PET V1.58 B Full Kit
  • Mini PET V1.58 B Full Kit

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