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Users of Jupiter Ace Home Computers can have a hard time getting a crisp picture out of the Jupiter Ace, especially on a colour television set or a TV without manual tuning.

This is caused by the weakness of the video signal from the Jupiter Ace and can be cured by converting the output to composite video.

We have therefore developed the ZXVid.

The ZXVid is a board designed by Andrew Rea which replaces the insides of the UM1233 UHF modulator on the Jupiter Ace and provides excellent composite video output for modern televisions, and also incorporates the back-porch latch required on modern colour televisions.  Originally designed for the ZX81 we have now successfully tested this on the Jupiter Ace.

This provides a nice neat solution, and if you require, you can even make up a SCART lead to plug into the unit.

This is the self-fit version of the ZXVid - we supply the built unit (as shown in the main photo), plus the bits of wire you require. A link to the fitting instructions appears below..

You have to then remove the two wires which currently run from the motherboard into the side of the UM1233 UHF modulator, and fetch out the interior circuits which are built into the modulator.

The ZXVid unit then fits inside the modulator, and you need to connect two new wires to the motherboard, solder a couple of wires inside the UHF modulator itself and connect the composite video lead.

We can also fit the ZXVid for you.

The manual / fitting instructions appear at: http://www.rwapsoftware.co.uk/DOC/ZXvid_Manual.pdf

See our other auctions for the alternative options.


Created in conjunction with Mutant Caterpillar Games

-- Buy with confidence from RWAP Software - supporting Sinclairs since 1986 --


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  • Jupiter Ace ZXVid - Composite Video/ULA Fix (self-fit)
  • Jupiter Ace ZXVid - Composite Video/ULA Fix (self-fit)

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