Make this my favourite IEC ATA interface for C64/C128/VIC20

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IECATA is a hard drive controller for the Commodore IEC serial bus. It enables all computers that has an IEC serial bus port (e.g VIC-20, C-64, C-128) to use cheap, easy to get ATA hard drives (also called IDE hard drives).

  • Supports standard ATA hard drives up to 128 gigabytes.
  • The whole disk is available as one big partition.
  • Supports standard Commodore KERNAL IEC disk commands. This has number of implications:
    • May be connected to any computer with an IEC serial bus port (VIC-20, C-64, C-128, and probably others...).
    • No driver software is necessary on the computer, the hard drive works like a disk drive with a giant disk in it.
    • The IEC bus is very slow, making the hard drive slow. But it is considerably faster than the 1541 disk drive.
  • Custom file system that has the following features:
    • Supports PRG, and SEQ file types, and a new DIR file type that represents subdirectories.
    • Smallest addressable unit: 512 bytes (one ATA logical block).
    • Max file size: 32 megabytes.
    • Max number of directory entries: 256.
    • Max number of nested subdirectories: unlimited.
  • Limitations:
    • No support for USR and REL file types.
    • No support for all Commodore DOS commands, especially the memory read/write/execute and block read/write/allocate/free. This implicates that fastloaders, copyprotected games and other programs doing more excotic things with the disk drive won't work.
    • No possibility to run whole disk games - C64 files cannot be mapped as a drive.

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