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Make this my favourite HxC SD Card Floppy Disk Emulator (replaces floppy disk drives)

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Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
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This auction is for the HxC (SD Card) Floppy Disk Emulator.

The HxC Floppy Disk Emulator works with a range of computers, simply replacing floppy disk drive hardware, with a small interface that replicates the mechanical workings,  Then, instead of using floppy disks, you simply plug in a SD Memory Card, which contains floppy disk drive images.

You can select which floppy disk drive image appears as floppy disk 1 (DS0 or A:) and which one is to be used as floppy disk 2 (DS1 or B:) with the built in LCD display providing details of the names of the floppy disk images stored on the card, and three simple push buttons to move through folders, and image files to select the one you require.

The interface needs an external floppy disk drive power supply connector (5V only) and the cable from your computer disk interface.  You will also need any SD memory card (64MB to 32GB). Software is provided whiich can run under Windows to allow you to convert various disk image formats into the disk image files used by the emulator card.

Tested on a range of computers and industrial equipment, this interface is known to work successfully with the following:

  • Any computer / piece of equipment that uses PC formatted floppy disks (3.5", 5.25" or even 8" drives)
  • Atari ST/STF/Falcon
  • Amstrad CPC6128
  • Commodore Amiga (currently write only)
  • Dragon 32 / 64 (VDK or JVC disk format, which should also therefore work with the Tandy CoCo)
  • Emax and Emax II Sampler
  • Ensoniq Mirage Sampler
  • Korg DSS-1 Synthesizer
  • MSX2
  • Oberheim DPX1 Sampler
  • Oric Computer (with MicroDisk)
  • PC
  • PC88
  • SAM Coupe *.MGT and *.SAD formats
  • Sinclair QL raw disk images
  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3 or Sinclair ZX Spectrum with PlusD disk Interface
  • Super Wildcard DS-SWC3201
  • Thomson TO8D
  • TI99/4A
  • x68000

Comes complete with printed user manual.

If you are interested in using the interface with a Sinclair QL home computer, a guide to using the interface appears in the November 2010 issue of the Quanta magazine.  We can also provide a printed version of this article with your order if you wish.

Atari ST Users: A new driver has now been released for the Atari ST to allow this interface to be used to emulate a hard disk - see the HxC Mount Hard Disk Controller

-- Buy with confidence from RWAP Software - supporting Sinclairs since 1987 --

Picture gallery

  • HxC SD Card Floppy Disk Emulator (replaces floppy disk drives)

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Questions and Answers

  • Question: Hi there, How does this attach to the TI99/4a?

    Posted by M***M (0) - 12/12/2015 01:13:52

    Answer: You need a disk controller for the TI99/4a (as it does not have a built in disk interface - the HxC only replaces the physical floppy disk drive) - some details about connecting the disk controller and using the HXC with the TI99/4a appear at: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/241802-need-help-setting-up-hxc-floppy-emulator/

  • Question: tasword +2 on an mgt disc connect this to +d or disciple will it save text files onto the sd memory device

    Posted by r***t (6) - 18/06/2012 15:46:18

    Answer: Yes it will (presuming tasword +2 is able to save to a normal PlusD disk - ie. use the microdrive commands). The HxC Interface just replaces the mechanics of the actual disk drive - so you still need the PlusD or disciple interface. You would also need to make an image of the MGT disk and convert it to the format used by the HxC device on the PC (as the two formats are not the same)

  • Question: can it have data written to it by the program on the machine it has loaded data into from its virtual disc?

    Posted by r***t (6) - 18/06/2012 15:45:19

    Answer: Yes, the device acts as a virtual disk drive, so you can save and read data

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Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
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