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Before purchasing, please read all the description.

Product Description

 This is an Fujitsu Micro 7 (FM-7) vintage Japanese Computer with original CRT Colour Monitor (Fujitsu branded).

Both the computer and the monitor are tested and work fine. We performed some basic tests like typing in the BASIC prompt, video and sound output, playing a game from cassette, and everything seems to work fine. The computer is in very good condition, but the keyboard needs cleaning in detail to make it fully functional (you might need a keycap puller). The CRT shows a bright and clear image. We didn't see any heavy sign of deterioration. Other than the normal feeling of use, all the products look very good, no heavy scratches, stains or dents that we could detect. This is really an excellent set with a very rare CRT monitor made by Fujitsu, that is the original and official accessory for this computer. It is very difficult to find and even more in working condition and in such a beautiful status. If you like quality Japanese vintage computers, this is perfect for you!

Product Details & Pack Contents 

Pack contents: Fujitsu FM-7 Computer Body, Fujitsu CRT Monitor

Adapter Voltage: 100 Volts, Japanese Plug, Internal PSU.

Condition: Very Good.

Grading Scale Explanation:


- Brand New: product is unopened, unused and no evident marks of use. It comes with its original packaging.

- Excellent: close inspection might reveal minor marks of use.

- Very Good: small marks of use, not very visible at first sight.

- Good: noticeable and expected marks of use.

- Bad: evident marks of use. Needs cleaning or restoring.

- Poor: heavy marks of use and lots of wear. Needs restoring. Might have broken or missing parts (details specified in description).

- Parts/Repair: product is heavily deteriorated and barely usable. It has broken, missing, teared, corroded and/or rusted parts. Needs restoration. Sold as-is without any guarantee. (Details specified in description)


Note: grading scale is a subjective scale. Please, refer to description and images to see actual details of the product. If any doubt, please ask.


Shipping Information


>>> NOTE 1: Due to the current situation, there might be some delay during handling and shipping. 


Shipping of this product will be done in two parcels with DHL Express, one parcel for the CRT Monitor and another for the Computer. Each parcel will have its own tracking number.


Shipping of the monitor: about 180Eur.

Shipping of the computer: about 60Eur.


We can also ship both items by vessel if you want.


⚠⚠⚠ Your phone number is required ⚠⚠⚠

⚠⚠⚠ to pass customs declaration in Japan ⚠⚠⚠ 


Current Transit times if there is no delay, if shipping is by Kuroneko Yamato: 

~ USA: 4 to 12 days

~ Canada: 5 to 12 days 

~ Australia: 6 to 10 days 

~ South-West EU (Esp, Pt, It): 10 to 15 days 

~ Central EU (Fr, Ger, Hun): 9 to 15 days 

~ North EU and UK (Swe, UK, Fin): 8 to 13 days 

~ East EU (Pol, Cze): 8 to 15 days 

~ South East Asia (HK, Kor): 4 to 7 days 


We sell many hobby products, but our staff are only 3 people. If there is some delay during handling, please understand. In case of long delay, please contact us. 





~ Central and South America (except on certain occasions), 

~ Africa, 

~ Middle East, 

~ South-Central Asia (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc...), 

~ Most of South-East Asia, except Korea and HK, 

~ Russia (for registered company is possible), 

~ Any PO Box. 


We ship our products with recycled and/or reused cardboard. Be conscious about the environment!




Please note that we do NOT replace capacitors or any other internal or external component in the computer. This means that the computer is sold in the same status as we received it, except for cleaning and, if necessary, some minor repairs (such as re-soldering connectors, removing rust, etc). 


In any case, please always remember that all these products are very old electronics, prone to faults. They could stop working anytime even beyond repair! If you are not sure about this, please do not purchase this product. We don't want you to waste your money or time, so please, take this into consideration. We can guarantee that all the products come out from our shop inspected and in working condition (except for parts/repair units).


 You will get what you can read in the Pack Contents in the description. Most of the time, this is also what you see in the images, but sometimes some background objects, decorations, etc. could appear in the images. In that case, please ALWAYS refer to the description. But if you still have any doubt, please contact us.

Picture gallery

  • Fujitsu FM-7 + Ultrarare Original CRT Monitor Vintage Japanese Computer Bundle
  • Fujitsu FM-7 + Ultrarare Original CRT Monitor Vintage Japanese Computer Bundle
  • Fujitsu FM-7 + Ultrarare Original CRT Monitor Vintage Japanese Computer Bundle
  • Fujitsu FM-7 + Ultrarare Original CRT Monitor Vintage Japanese Computer Bundle
  • Fujitsu FM-7 + Ultrarare Original CRT Monitor Vintage Japanese Computer Bundle
  • Fujitsu FM-7 + Ultrarare Original CRT Monitor Vintage Japanese Computer Bundle
  • Fujitsu FM-7 + Ultrarare Original CRT Monitor Vintage Japanese Computer Bundle

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Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan
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Please, read the shipping information in the description to get details about shipping prices. This is VERY important!

We use two methods of shipping:

~ DHL Express, Air: delivery in 2 to 4 days worldwide. We ship most of our products using this carrier.
~ Kuroneko Yamato/UPS, Air: delivery in 7 to 15 days. We use this service for heavy parcels such as Desktop PC Towers and similar.
~ Japan Post, Vessel: delivery is about 2 to 3 months. We only use this in case you order many products and you want to save a lot of money on shipping. Recommended if you are a business with large volume of stock.

In case of DHL and Kuroneko, the shipping price is the same for both of them.
For Japan Post, vessel/surface shipping, the price is much cheaper. Strongly recommended if you need to ship 15Kgs or more.

We process your purchases usually within 3 ~ 4 days after payment confirmation.
All the parcels are sent as "Sale of good" and value declared is the price of the product without shipping.

Buyers will be in charge of clearance fee at their country, if any.
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