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Many modern Commodore 64 games and releases use the Easyflash format and the software is distributed as an EasyFlash .crt file. In order to play EasyFlash releases on a real Commodore 64/128, you need an Easyflash cartridge or a cartridge that can act like an EasyFlash cartridge. In some cases you want to store many games on a cartridge. In such cases solutions as the 1541 Ultimate II+, Kung Fu Flash or EasyFlash 3 are the way to go. However, in many cases you want dedicated cartridge for the game. In these cases the original Easyflash1 is the way to go.

The EasyFlash 1CR is a cartridge from the Commodore 64/128, that is functionally equivalent to the EasyFlash 1 by Thomas Giesel, but has been redesigned so it can be built from less components and make it compatible with more cartridge cases. Allthough it contains less components, no corners have been cut and the functionality is exactly identical as the original. The lower amount of components reduces the component cost, but also reduces the amount of work to build the cartridge and even the lower weight reduces the cost to ship it, making it possibly the most affordable Easyflash cartridge yet.

This cartridge is compatible with the large library of available EasyFlash releases and all of those releases are suitable to be installed on the cartridge. EasyFlash cartridges can also be used as so called "multicarts". In a multicart, multiple standard C64 cartridges, which can be either 8K, 16K or Ultimax cartridges, are combined on a single cartridge with a menu interface.

The cartridge has two mounting holes, which makes it compatible with a range of available cartridge cases. The following C64 cartridge cases are compatible:


More information can be found on the web page of the cartridge.

You can install software into an Easyflash cartridge with the EasyProg utility. The cartridge will be shipped with no software installed, it is ready to be programmed by the user. EasyFlash cartridges are 1MB in size. It is highly recommended that you have a C64 storage medium at your disposal that can handle 1MB files. Examples of such storage media are the SD2IEC and 1541 Ultimate.

You will receive:

  • 1 * Easyflash 1CR cartridge
  • Instruction manual


The item here is an assembled version of the cartridge. The cartridge has been built from through-hole components and can also be easily built from a soldering kit. If you would like to buy a soldering kit, look here. Would you like to buy just the cartridge PCB and buy the rest of the components yourself? Look here.

You will not receive a cartridge case with this item. Would you like to buy the cartridge with a case included? I offer two different cartridge cases, that you can get here:

Protoparts cartridge case

Protoparts cartridge case

Stumpy cartridge case

Stumpy cartridge case

Many thanks to Thomas Giesel for the original EasyFlash design.

Picture gallery

  • EasyFlash 1CR cartridge - assembled
  • EasyFlash 1CR cartridge - assembled
  • EasyFlash 1CR cartridge - assembled
  • EasyFlash 1CR cartridge - assembled

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