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  • Guaranteed genuine ON Semiconductor LM2596DSADJ buck converters.
  • Carefully selected electrolytic capacitors, suitable for power supply applications.
  • Fused circuits to protect you and your devices.
  • Over 140 now sold around the globe.

Important notes

  • Only one set of instructions will be supplied.
  • If you resell this kit:
    • it is your responsibility to ensure that the buyer is aware of the safety instructions.
    • as reseller, you become responsible in the unlikely event of component failures/bad end-user builds etc.
  • I do not supply the black pushbutton cap with this kit, as many people would not require it, and it would inflate the price unnecessarily. You can source a suitable power cap under manufacturer codes ALPS-TAK8 or ALPS UE200011. Third party alternatives may be available. Thank you Sebastian for this information.

Ramoth’s Dragon power board in kit version – brought to you by DragonPlus Electronics.

Please read the safety notice regarding this home-brew power board before contemplating purchase.

This board requires a suitable 12V DC Regulated power supply capable of supplying between 2A and 3.5A, with a centre-positive 2.1mm barrel jack. This is NOT supplied with the board.


This board is much more than a simple replacement for the original Dragon power supply solution.

First of all – what will you lose?

  • The original RF modulated video output is not present on this board. Does anyone really use this today?
  • You will no longer need the white power brick outside the Dragon.

And what do you gain?

  • Once paired with a suitable external power supply (see link above), you will gain a much cooler, more efficient power source for your Dragon.
  • You will have uprated capacity on the 5 volt rail – up to 2A available with the supplied fuse
      • Potentially the LM2596 can support 3A although this is unlikely to be needed for any D32/D64 applications and the 2A fuse protects your machine better.
  • The board is configurable to work with all Dragons except the SECAM models – so D32, D64, D200, D200E and Tano Dragon.
  • Additional board headers make it really easy to tap into that additional 5 volt capacity – for powering some peripherals – e.g. a Gotek.
  • The board can support RGB solutions via the 10-pin IDC box connector.

Full instructions will be supplied.

Safety Notice

The Dragon SM-LM2596 (Dragon PSU Board) is a low voltage product, but it is still a POWER product.

As the end user, you are responsible for ensuring that the power adapter you use to power this board is safe and certified. Beyond this, your attention is drawn to the following:


  • This is a homebrew device.
  • It has not been subjected to formalised lab testing.
  • Over 140 boards sold with no safety issues found.
  • Vintage equipment should never be left unattended for significant periods of time.
  • In particular, a new device such as this should be carefully monitored by the end user for signs of overheating etc.
  • There are four fuses, and three different ratings of fuse. All are fast- or quick-blow types, and all are 20mm glass fuses.
  •  Failure to fit the correct fuse could result in damaged equipment or a potential fire.
  •  NEVER replace a blown fuse with a wire link.
  •  Fuse ratings are also clearly marked on the board.











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  • DragonPSU - Modern Power Board for Dragon 32/64/200

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