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This is the PCB to build a module to replace a Commodore MOS 6530 chip, used in many PET disk drives.

  • 901466-04 (6530-34) - Shugart SA390 drives in 4040, DOS 2.2
  • 901483-03 (6530-28) - Micropolis 1006 drives in 8050, DOS 2.5
  • 901885-04 (6530-47) - Micropolis 1006 drives in 8050/8250, DOS 2.7
  • 901869-01 (6530-48) - MPI 101/102 drives in 8050/8250 DOS 2.7
  • 251474-01B - Matsushita JU-570-2 drives in 8250LP, DOS 2.7

The 6530 RRIOT includes ROM, RAM, IO and a Timer. They are specifically programmed for the application, so replacements are hard to find. Easier to locate are 6532 RIOT chip, these are RAM, IO and Timer, and are not application specific. They were used in more places, including the Atari 2600. The ROM element is replaced by a small EPROM. You can program multiple ROM sets onto the EPROM and select via the address jumpers (or omit jumpers and just use the top 1K block in the ROM.

More information on my blog:


This auction is for a PCB only. To complete the build, you will require a 6532 RIOT, 74HCT02, 27C64 EPROM, three 100nF decoupling capacitors and a 4x10K resistor array. Also jumpers if required and IC sockets and a double ended 40 way pin header to plug into the 6530 socket on the host device. Parts availability is a little tricky at the moment, so make sure to check to ensure you can source all the parts required.

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  • Commodore MOS 6530 Replacement PCB
  • Commodore MOS 6530 Replacement PCB
  • Commodore MOS 6530 Replacement PCB
  • Commodore MOS 6530 Replacement PCB
  • Commodore MOS 6530 Replacement PCB
  • Commodore MOS 6530 Replacement PCB
  • Commodore MOS 6530 Replacement PCB

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