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This is the place for all Commodore and vintage enthusiasts in general looking for spare parts . Useful items like diagnostic harness,PLA,X-SID and many others made with professional materials. Heaven of original integrated circuit (NOS)

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" POWER SAVER HQ V2.0 for C128!"
This "Power Saver HQ" is different from ordinary protectors: it is professional and the protection is complete for:

+5 VDC

+9 VAC


It is completely made of semiconductors with very fast intervention times 20us (microseconds!), no relay on board that would require long intervention times 200ms (milliseconds!).

What does it means this time value?
It means 10.000 time fasters then relay-based protections . This is the only way we can safely safeguard our Commodore vintage computer


This electronic circuit allows to keep under control the voltages supplied by the Commodore C128 by detecting anomalies on the correct value.

In case of voltage values out of range the POWER SAVER HQ intervenes promptly with times equal to 20 / 40uS thanks to the use of semiconductors instead of relays
POWER SAVER HQ is equipped with three LEDs in order to control its functionality:



1) ON: All ok. Your Commodore is working has 5VDC under safety threshold
2) OFF: There isn't 5VDC output from the "Power saver HQ " DIN male connector. (No 5VDC at the input of "Power saver".Check if your original power supply is connected and if it works)


1) OFF --> regular operation.All ok
2) ON --> protection has occurred ... and your Commodore is SAFE! In this case we will notice that the green LED has also gone out, so we will no longer have 5Vdc output. At this point we will have to open the box to replace the protection fuse (Fuse 2.5A / 5x20mm)


1) OFF : All ok. Your Commodore is working properly
2) ON: Your original "power supply" has a serious breakdown, therefore it is likely that its internal regulator breaks and about 12V spills out towards the C128... disaster!

In this case our "Power saver HQ" intervenes very quickly and cuts off the power supply to your Commodore!
You only need to repair / replace the original Commodore power supply and replace the internal fuse of " HQ Power saver"



INPUT -->  DIN 8PIN female modified in order to fit with original DIN 5PIN male square
DIMENSIONS: 57mm x 34mm x 16mm

OVPs are all supplied with black box and black cables (not white cables like the photo)


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  • Commodore 128 C128 Power Supply Saver - OVP Commodore (NEW)
  • Commodore 128 C128 Power Supply Saver - OVP Commodore (NEW)

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