Make this my favourite Beta Disk 128 floppy ZX Spectrum 48K/128K Set - NEW '2019' Version - LAST Piece!

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== BETA DISK 128C == Best floppy disc system for your ZX Spectrum 48K/128K (+2A, +3 NOT SUPPORTED)

Set of controller, floppy BUS splitter and 5V regulator, connecting cables.

>> Last piece, end of production <<


Advantages over competitors:

Proven, classical, tested design, no "black box" CPLD parts without documentation, quality processing, a very good solutions for supply routes!!! Precise solutions for interference!!! All signals amplified by the driver!!!



Beta Disk 128C is a controller for 1 to 4 floppy disk drives for ZX Spectrum and compatible
computers. It comes from the original interface of the same name from British company named Technology
Research Ltd, with which it is fully compatible. The design is virtually unchanged from the original wiring,
with just a few changes, the description of which will go further. This ensures compatibility with the original

"128" in the interface name indicates that it is a version of the ZX Spectrum operating with both 48KB and
128KB RAM. „C“ indicates Czech clone :-), or controller producer CSS Electronics, as you like ;-)



- Optional to connect 1 to 4 floppy drives 3.5" or 5.25"
- Fully compatible with the ZX Spectrum 48KB, 128KB „toast rack“ and 128K +2 Amstrad gray box. It
is also compatible with other ZX Spectrum clones with a standard system connector and ROM
compatible with ZX Spectrum 48KB or 128KB, for example Didaktik M. Didaktik Gama can be
connected after additional fixing, see next description. Interface is incompatible with the ZX
Spectrum +2A, +2B and +3, these have non-standard signals ROMCS (2x) on the edge
connector and incompatible ROM.
- Fully through bus on the bottom board, drivers for all signals for the controller and memory on the top board
- Used original Fujitsu MB8877A floppy disk controller (analog FDC1793)
- Newly two different versions of the system TR-DOS, 5.05cz Fixed (stable high quality system) + 5.041 (contains TURBO Format of diskettes)
- LED power-on indication (green LED) and TR-DOS system activation (red LED)
- The bottom board (buses and drivers) are powered directly from the computer, top board (TR-DOS
and floppy controller) is powered by external source 7,5-9V/300mA max. via the rounded DC
power source connector 3,5/1,4mm (positive pole center)


Because the schematic is largely taken from the original interface, is directly compatible with these
computers without any further modifications:
- ZX Spectrum 48KB
- ZX Spectrum 128KB „toast rack“ with radiator to the right
- ZX Spectrum 128KB +2 Amstrad gray box
- Didaktik M
- Other clone with standard system bus connector and compatible Sinclair Basic ROM

Compatibility depends on whether your computer is equipped with a system connector with a
standard distribution of the appropriate signals, which the Beta Disk 128C interface uses.


== BETA DISK Splitter ==

Splitting data BUS from Beta Disk controller to two drives
5V/3A Power source (for controller and 2x FDD).


Splits a data BUS from the Beta Disk 128 controller (Shugart type) to two floppy disk drives (IBM type). It includes power supply from 7,5-9V to 5V/3A (power for Beta Disk 128C controller and 2x FDD).


- 1x Data BUS input from controller (rear connector IDC34)
- 2x Data BUS output to two floppy disk drive (top connectors IDC34)
- Each drive can be set as A, B, C, D using the jumper switch
- The DS0 / DS1 selection for each of the drives is also set by the jumper switch
- input supply voltage +7,5-9V DC, 2,5A max.
- regulator LM1084-5,0V included

Full documentation to download here:

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