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Amiga 1200/600 capacitor replacement service, all board revisions (1A,1B,1D1,1D4,2B). NOTE this is NOT a repair service.


What's included?

• Check of the board before recapping is begun.

• Removal of existing capacitors (both SMD and radial capacitors).

• Cleanup and preparation of area.

• Replace using Panasonic capacitors.

• Retest (Video, Audio, Floppy Boot, CF Card boot)

• FREE return postage of your recapped board.

Full details of this recapping service is under the description tab below.


Preparing your board for postage:

All that needs to be sent is the mainboard (with or without its metal shielding), this should be placed in an Antistatic bag or newspaper (some plastic can conduct). Place this in a secure box with padding added bubble wrap is fine or crushed newspaper.

Make sure you put a note in the box to state who its from, return address and a printed copy of your order, if you don’t have a printer write down the order number on the piece of paper.


What is recapping?

As the Amiga computer age the capacitors will be prone to leaking over time, remember these are 20 plus years old so it’s a good preventative measure to replace the capacitors as once they leak they will eat through the copper circuitry and cause either permanent damage or an expensive repair job. click this link to read a more detailed explanation.

So in short what issues could be seen if your Amiga is not recapped?

• Sound problems

• Random rebooting

• Guru Errors

• Non booting

• Floppy fails to work & then black screen.

• Slow switching on


You can checkout my work at: www.amigapassion.co.uk


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  • Amiga 1200/600 Recapping Service UK - FREE UK RETURN SHIPPING

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