Make this my favourite Gmod2 cartridge for Commodore 128 (DIY kit)

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Are you a Commodore 128 developer? One thing that will sound very familiar to you is that, if you develop for the Commodore 128, you often have to invent the wheel. There simply isn't as much infrastructure for the Commodore 128 native platform as there is for the Commodore 64 platform.

If you like to release your program on cartridge, one thing you will encounter is the lack of available cartridges. You will encounter a standard 32KB cartridge somehwere, but the large variety of bank switched cartridges that exists for the Commodore 64, does not exist for the Commodore 128. Still, releasing software on cartridges makes as much sense as on the Commodore 64: A bank switched cartridge offers a rather large amount of storage that is instantly available without loading, and directly adressable, which means the Commodore 64 can execute code directly from cartridge. Games can access large amounts of graphics data, which was a lot harder with floppy disks in the golden days of the Commodore 64/128, let alone tapes. A bank switched cartridge allows for content rich games, allowing much richer games than in the golden days of these computers.

The wheel has now been invented (for bank switched cartridges, that is): This item is a Commodore 128 version of the popular Gmod2 cartridge. It is identical in functionality to the Commodore 64 version (512KB flash ROM, 2KB EEPROM) and almost identical from the programmer's point of view, but runs in Commodore 128 native mode instead.

The cartridge has been fully designed from through-hole components, that make it a lot easier to solder at home, and all integrated circuits can be socketed. This includes the flash-ROM, which can be easily removed and programmed in an EPROM programmer and reinstalled. In addition programming in an EPROM programmer, you can program this cartridge inside the C128.

In order to make the life of developers easier, the cartridge has an on/off switch, which will inhibit the C128 from booting the cartridge. This switch is usefull if the cartridge has been previously programmed and you would like to reprogram it, or just want to get into BASIC for e.g. development or debugging.

This is a new cartridge format, not suitable for existing software. If you are not a developer, this cartridge might be of no use to you.


A flash utility has been written in order to facilitate easy flashing of the cartridge from the C128. If you have a C128 storage medium that can carry 512KB files, this utility can flash the entire ROM in one sweep. If you happen to have storage media that are not large enough to carry 512KB files, the utility allows you to flash individual flash ROM sectors. For example you can split a 512KB image into 4 files of 128KB and store these on 4 1541 compatible floppy disks. Or you can use 2 256KB files and store these on 2 1571 compatible floppy disks. The utility is flexible and leaves the choice upon you.

The flash utility will be pre-installed in the flash ROM.

As an incentive for Commodore 128 software development, this cartridge costs less than the Commodore 64 version!

More information, including the flash utility and documentation can be found on the DIY Gmod2 cartridge's webpage.

Required soldering experience: Has been designed to be easy people with low experience.
Expected time to build:
(assuming some previous experience)
+/- 20 minutes


You will receive:

  • 1 * cartridge PCB
  • 1 * 20 pin DIP socket
  • 1 * 16 pin DIP socket
  • 1 * 8 pin DIP socket
  • 1 * 32 pin PLCC socket
  • 1 * toggle switch
  • 1 * PNP transistor
  • 3 * 10 kΩ resistor
  • 2 * diode in DO-35 form factor
  • 2 * 0.1uF ceramic capacitor
  • 1 * 74x273 logic chip
  • 1 * 74x139 logic chip
  • 1 * 93C86 EEPROM
  • 1 * 512KB flash ROM
  • 1 * Instruction manual


Are you looking for the Commodore 64 version of the cartridge? Click here

You will not receive a cartridge case with this item. Would you like to buy the cartridge with a case included? I offer two different cartridge cases, that you can get here:

Protoparts cartridge case

Protoparts cartridge case

Stumpy cartridge case

Stumpy cartridge case

The cartridge comes with the flash utility preprogrammed into the ROM. This means that after you solder the parts together, you can plug the cartridge into your Commodore 128 and immedeately start flashing it with the software of your choice.


Picture gallery

  • Gmod2 cartridge for Commodore 128 (DIY kit)
  • Gmod2 cartridge for Commodore 128 (DIY kit)
  • Gmod2 cartridge for Commodore 128 (DIY kit)
  • Gmod2 cartridge for Commodore 128 (DIY kit)
  • Gmod2 cartridge for Commodore 128 (DIY kit)

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