October 2016 News

RWAP Software News 2016

We have just sold our 1000th ZX81 Keyboard Membrane and the end of October marks our 30th Anniversary supporting retro computers.

Over the last 30 years, as well as releasing a range of software for the Sinclair QL and a wide range of keyboard membranes, we have produced a large number of articles, programming guides and bits of hardware to keep all retro computer users happy.

Watch out for some competitions to mark our 30th Anniversary.  A competition for our existing customers appears at the bottom of this email.

We have now released the SBASIC/SuperBASIC Reference Manual into the public domain, and thanks to Norman Dunbar (who has tidied up a large amount of the HTML) it can be found at http://superbasic-manual.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

The latest versions of the files are found on a github page where they can be amended and they are then automatically rebuilt as HTML, PDF and ePub formats on the above link.

Our range of products now includes:

Sinclair QL Software games and utilities (with our popular box-sets).

  • Keyboard Membranes for the
    • Amiga A500 / A500+ and A600.  A1200 Membranes are coming soon
    • Amstrad CPC664
    • Cambridge Z88
    • Enterprise 64/128 Home Computer
    • Sam Coupé
    • ZX80
    • ZX81 (both standard and ZXpand versions of the keyboard)
    • ZX Spectrum (Rubber Key version)
    • ZX Spectrum +48 and ZX Spectrum  +128 (This membrane has been redesigned in 2016 to improve responsiveness and general improvements introduced by Samsung when they produced the ZX Spectrum).
  • Replacement Faceplates for the Rubber Key ZX Spectrum (last few remaining!) and for the ZX Microdrive
  • Rubber Feet which suit the ZX81, Rubber Key ZX Spectrum, ZX Printer, ZX Microdrive and ZX PSU
  • Replacement Rivets for the ZX80 case
  • Atari 2600Jr Select & Reset Switch Mylar
  • Atari 2600 BetaGamma Computing PureVideo 2600VEC Video Encoder Kit
  • Atari 5200 Controller Mylar
  • Replacement chips and ULAs for the ZX Interface 1, Sinclair QL and others
  • Vectrex MB & Vectrex GCE Controller Overlays

Forthcoming Products:
We are in the process of testing replacement membranes for the Intellivision 1 Controller and these should be available soon.  

Other projects include replacement keyboard membranes for the Amiga A1200 and possibly the rarer green A600 keyboard membrane, model number 56C47A (we currently supply model number 56C47B)  

If you are interested in any of these projects, please contact us through www.rwapsoftware.co.uk

Also watch out for our new project - the RetroPrinter Module is an interface which can be used to replace an old Epson compatible printer. It captures data sent to a parallel port and then converts this to a PDF which can then be printed to a modern printer direct from the device.

Built around the RaspberryPi, this allows you to use a USB standard or Network printer, or even connect to the device over Ethernet and download  the PDF files for emailing or storage on a PC.
For more details, keep an eye on our website www.retroprinter.com

News for Sinclair QL Users:
We have expanded our range of box-sets to include some long lost QL titles and even a brand new adventure for 2016.

- Games Box-Set 6 features:
Qlacman (a pacman clone),
Squadrons (defend Britain from the luftwaffe),
Grey Wolf (a submarine simulator in World War II)
Othello (a 3D Othello / Reversi game)
QL Meteor Storm (implementation of the classic arcade game asteroids)
Droidzone (a Fast shoot-em up)

- Adventures Box-Set 3 features:
QL Epic Adventure (text and graphics by Andy Pritchard)
Spy - A QL Adventure (text and graphics by Andy Pritchard, Rich Mellor and Peter Scott)
Funfear (long lost text adventure by Martin Hopkins - author of the Prawn)
Quest for the Dragonsword (text adventure by Byteback)

As with our other products, the best place to acquire these is via sellmyretro.com - our very own trading platform.

If you are looking for disk drives, or an SD card interface, both can be purchased through sellmyretro.com - although the QL-SD Interface is again produced in low numbers, so you need to add a keyword watch to ensure that you manage to grab one when they are listed.  If you prefer disks, then ByteDelight have listed some boxed 3.5" disk drives sets on the site, and Tetroid has listed his clone of the QL Trump Card.

Finally, as part of our own 30 year anniversary, the community version of the SBASIC/SuperBASIC Reference Manual can now be viewed online at:

This is the full manual converted to HTML and editable by the community via github.

News for ZX81 Users:
The ZXpand SD Card interface has been released in a few small batches this year.  This is now being sold direct by the designer (SirMorris), so if you are looking for one, ensure you are registered on sellmyretro.com and have a keyword watch set up in your profile for 'ZXpand' in order to be notified as soon as some more are listed.  Be careful though - the last few lots have sold out within seconds!

SirMorris will also be soon listing some ZXpand-AY modules (providing joystick and sound interface for the ZXpand).

Watch out for the ZXBlast - a new USB and memory expansion interface by Pokemon (to go alongside his ZXMore clone).  All of his products are also now listed on sellmyretro.com - keep your eye on the website and on the ZX81 forums - www.sinclairzxworld.com

Another whole host of games have been released for the ZX81, including a port of Dragon's Lair (as this is supplied on SD card, you will need the ZXpand to play it), U-Bend, CroZXy Road, Roadracer, AsteroidBelt and City Escape.  More details appear in the software section of the ZX81 forums.

News for Cambridge Z88 Users:
- The OZ system and EazyLink continue to be developed, with the latest OZ v4.6.2

- The development team are also working on a single Flash EPROM/ RAM Card which comes complete with all of the Z88 games on it - it has been a squeeze,
and resulted in some improvements to the Flash EPROM card hardware.  Watch out for news of this release when it is available.

SellMyRetro.com News 2016

There are a wide range of interfaces and clone computers now listed on sellmyretro, providing access to floppy disk, SD cards and USB sticks for a wide range of computers.  Just to whet your appetite, look out for the following:

  • JustSpeccy128 (Spectrum +128 Clone)
  • Just CPC 6128 (CPC 6128 Clone)
  • Dragon 32/64 Floppy Disk Interface
  • DivSD NanoSD
  • DDI3 USB Floppy Emulator for use with Amstrad CPC464 (includes disk interface and parts of the Flopper)
  • CPC 6128 USB Floppy Emulator
  • Harlequin (Spectrum Clone)
  • QL Trump Card
  • Reproduction boxes for the ZX Spectrum
  • SD2IEC for Commodore 64 1541 Disk Drive Emulation SD2IEC SD Card Reader
  • Easy Flash Cartridge for C64 and C128
  • Flopper (GoTek USB floppy disk clone)
  • PlusDLite + Dual Floppy drive for the Spectrum
  • Dual Floppy Drive sets - for Spectrum, BBC, Dragon 32/63, QL etc
  • QL-SD Card Interface
  • ZXPand for the Sinclair ZX80, ZX81, TS1000 and TS1500
  • 3" USB Floppy Disk Emulator

Also look out for the ZXC4, the SLAM replacement ULA and the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+

The ZXC4 allows you to create your own ZX Interface 2 ROM cartridge for use with the Spectrum. It contains a 4MB FLASH ROM which can be programmed and erased directly from the Spectrum with a compilation of 16KB, 48KB and 128KB games, and it is typically possible to fit over 100 games onto a single ROM cartridge.

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ is a handheld computer with built in screen which allows you to play Spectrum games loaded from SD card.  This much anticipated machine comes from a team which even includes Sir Clive Sinclair.

The SLAM replacement ULA is now being produced in small numbers - it supports 16K, 48K and 128K versions of the ZX Spectrum, and provides the ULAplus enhanced graphics modes.

Also, keep an eye out for the Spectrum Next - a full next generation ZX Spectrum complete in brand new case and packed with features, including the ULAplus enhanced graphics mode, HDMI screen output and hardware sprites.

Last updated on : 10/08/2016