December 2009 News

New features have been added to, thanks to <a href="">RWAP Services Enuuk enhancements</a>:

  • Fixed price items are now automatically included on Google Base to help drive traffic to the site
  • A wiki element has been added for each category (although we need some more text to start us off), which will help to drive traffic to the site.  Webstore owners can edit the existing wiki text.
  • We have moved to a new hosting company offering a much faster site
  • All listing fees have been waived until June 2010 to help persuade people to give the site a try.  Final value fees are still applicable, as are the webstore fees.
  • Webstores have been enhanced - we now provide an integrated eBay webstore where you can find the products within a category on eBay.
  • Traders are now able to select from one of two types of webstore - a free one, or one where you pay £5 per month and get 50% discount on all fees

We are continuing to work on more enhancements to the site and welcome feedback.

Son güncelleme : 15/12/2009