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A wide range of software has been released for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum over the years, and although it was known mainly for its games, a wide range of utilities, languages and educational software was also released.

Some of the most collectible software titles are those which were released by Ultimate Play the Game and Codemasters - both companies were known for the high quality of their software, and have also retained their copyright on the software, preventing it from being downloaded from the internet.

Software released on the Sinclair silver label has also remained popular, but there seems to be an over-abudance of some of the Sinclair titles which were released with the computer, such as Make-a-Chip (a CAD program to design computer chips) and Scrabble.

In recent years, software development has continued, with new high quality games being released, aimed at the collectors market, with software such as "Invasion of the Zombie Monsters" - produced by a software house in Spain, and still employing graphic and music designers, as well as programmers to ensure high quality.

When buying software for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, you need to watch out for memory requirements (do you have a 16K, 48K or 128K machine), and compatability (the +2A, +2B and +3 ZX Spectrum models did not run some of the early software titles).  You also need to consider what joystick interface you have - most software will work with either Kempston compatible joysticks, or Sinclair joysticks, but other joystick interfaces were made which did not meet either of these standards.

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Sinclair ZX Spectrum: Superchess 3.0 by CP Software

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RWAP Software - Retro computer specialists
RWAP Software - Retro computer specialists

Although our roots are firmly based with the Sinclair QL, we supply a wide range of second hand and original software and hardware, for both the QL, ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64.

Over the past few years, we have been instrumental in getting the DivIDE Plus compact flash interface for the ZX Spectrum built, along with replacement ZX81 Keyboard Membranes, 48K ZX Spectrum keyboard membranes and ZX Spectrum faceplates.

Visit our website - http://www.rwapsoftware.co.uk for more details on what we offer.

Infideals Retro Gaming
Infideals Retro Gaming

We are Infideals, a shop specializing in vintage video games and consoles as well as retro and vintage collectibles. Our aim is to bring you quality items with low postage prices.


Visit our store http://www.infideals.net/ for numerous Retro Games & accessories