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Dragon Data Limited was set up in 1981 by Mettoy (a toy company famous for the Corgi car brand).  Based in South Wales, Dragon Data launched the Dragon 32 computer on the market in August 1982 (at around the same time as the Sinclair ZX Spectrum).

Following financial difficulties at Mettoy, Dragon Data Limited was spun off as an independent company partly owned by the Welsh Development Agency who engineered a move of production to Kenfig, near Port Talbort in South Wales.

However, games were an important factor at the time, and the poor colour display of the Dragon, coupled with delays in bringing out new versions, hit the company badly, and it was wound up in June 1984.

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Worlds Of Flight Worlds Of Flight 2 days, 17h:16m:50s £22.95 Buy now!
The Working Dragon 32 The Working Dragon 32 10 days, 00h:38m:27s £12.95 Buy now!
Chuckie Egg Chuckie Egg 10 days, 01h:30m:12s £7.95 Buy now!
Vegas Jackpot Vegas Jackpot 10 days, 01h:30m:12s £4.95 Buy now!
Dragon Invaders Dragon Invaders 10 days, 01h:30m:12s £9.95 Buy now!
Leggit! Leggit! 10 days, 01h:30m:12s £2.95 Buy now!
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Programming The Dragon 32 Programming The Dragon 32 11 days, 01h:17m:31s £12.95 Buy now!
DRagon Drive DRagon Drive 28 days, 16h:42m:17s £70.00 Buy now!