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Commodore International is a US electronics company, founded as early as 1954 by Jack Tramiel.  It is commonly known as just Commodore, or Commodore Business Machines (the name of its Research & Design operation).

Originally making typewriters, the Company moved to calculators in the 1970s, and then computers.  Their first computer was the Commodore PET (1977), aimed at the business market.  The move into the home market was made in 1981, with the VIC-20, Commdore 64 and finally the Amiga in 1985.

Versions of the Amiga continued to be produced up to 1992, when Commodore International decided to move into the dedicated games console market with its CD32 console.

Over the years, Commodore released over 20 different computers and two games consoles.  This must be something of a record.

The company revived in 2005 after a few mergers with Yeahronimo Media Ventures Inc., SATXS Communications BV, and Tulip Computers, and had moved into making PC compatible computers.

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Hong Kong Phooey Hong Kong Phooey 28 days, 04h:15m:10s £1.95 Buy now!
Italia '90 Italia '90 28 days, 04h:15m:21s £2.35 Buy now!
Hyper Sports / Hypersports Hyper Sports / Hypersports 28 days, 04h:15m:32s £4.65 Buy now!
Salamander Salamander 28 days, 04h:15m:43s £7.50 Buy now!
Batman - The Movie Batman - The Movie 28 days, 04h:15m:54s £5.65 Buy now!
Jump Jet Jump Jet 28 days, 04h:16m:05s £3.65 Buy now!
Dark Dungeons Dark Dungeons 28 days, 04h:16m:16s £14.95 Buy now!
Bump Set Spike! - Doubles Volleyball Bump Set Spike! - Doubles Volleyball 28 days, 04h:16m:27s £2.45 Buy now!
One Man And His Droid One Man And His Droid 28 days, 04h:16m:38s £2.35 Buy now!
Space Hunter Space Hunter 28 days, 04h:16m:48s £1.25 Buy now!
Finders Keepers Finders Keepers 28 days, 04h:16m:59s £1.25 Buy now!
Ghouls Ghouls 28 days, 04h:17m:10s £2.45 Buy now!
Run For Gold Run For Gold 28 days, 04h:17m:21s £2.55 Buy now!
Phantom Of The Asteroids Phantom Of The Asteroids 28 days, 04h:17m:32s £2.75 Buy now!
Treasure Island Treasure Island 28 days, 04h:17m:43s £4.35 Buy now!
Chuckie Egg 2 - (Choccy Egg) Chuckie Egg 2 - (Choccy Egg) 28 days, 04h:17m:54s £6.75 Buy now!
Las Vegas Video Poker Las Vegas Video Poker 28 days, 04h:18m:05s £1.65 Buy now!
Rambo - First Blood Part 2 Rambo - First Blood Part 2 28 days, 04h:18m:16s £5.75 Buy now!
Target Renegade Target Renegade 28 days, 04h:18m:27s £5.50 Buy now!
Daley Thompson's Decathlon Daley Thompson's Decathlon 28 days, 04h:18m:38s £2.75 Buy now!
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RWAP Software - Retro computer specialists
RWAP Software - Retro computer specialists

Although our roots are firmly based with the Sinclair QL, we supply a wide range of second hand and original software and hardware, for both the QL, ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64.

Over the past few years, we have been instrumental in getting the DivIDE Plus compact flash interface for the ZX Spectrum built, along with replacement ZX81 Keyboard Membranes, 48K ZX Spectrum keyboard membranes and ZX Spectrum faceplates.

Visit our website - http://www.rwapsoftware.co.uk for more details on what we offer.


My small hobby store :) 

See my tinkering at www.retropcb.com

DataServe Retro
DataServe Retro

DataServe Retro

Preserving the 8-Bit Micro since 2006

Visit our website - https://www.dataserve-retro.co.uk for the full range products

Retro Computer Shop
Retro Computer Shop

Welcome to the Retro Computer Shop


We offer Case Kits, Peripherals, Maintenance, Repair & Refurbishment Products for 80ies Retro Computers.


Shipping only to EU Countries possible.