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The Commodore 16 (C16) was a home computer released by Commodore Business Machines in 1984 as a replacement for the Vic-20 computer.  It was based on an 8501 processor (6502 compatible) and had a full sized keyboard and 16K of memory built in.

The C16 offered 128 colours with a screen resolution of 320x200 pixels, but lacked the built in sprite and sound abilities of the Commodore 64.  However, the machine had BASIC v3.5 which was improved over the BASIC offered in the Commodore 64, with commands for sound and bitmapped graphics and even simple program debugging and tracing.

Alas the machine suffered from a lack of ports compatible with the other Commodorecomputers and needed dedicated cassette players and joysticks (although 3rd party add-ons later allowed it to use those designed for the Commodore 64).

The Plus/4 computer proved more popular and the C16 tended to soon fall by the wayside (although people did upgrade the C16's memory to 64K to allow them to run the same software as the Plus/4).


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Tynemouth Software
Tynemouth Software

Welcome to the Tynemouth Software store on Sell My Retro.

Here I plan to list PCBs that I have designed, as well as a number of built and tested items. Many of these used to be sold as kits, but I am selling these as PCB only so that you can have the fun of trying to source all the parts yourself. 

These will include Minstrel 2, 3 and 4th Z80 computers, RC2014 modules, test and diagnostic products for vintage computers, as well as my remaining stocks of USB keyboard controllers.

I have had to limit shipping to within the UK at the moment as it's just not practical for a very small business to trade internationally these days. Please address all complaints to the UK government.