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The Coleco Adam was released in 1983 and was the only venture of American company Coleco into the home computer market.

Coleco had built up a reputation for games consoles, such as the ColecoVision, and the Coleco Adam was available as either a stand-alone computer, or as an upgrade to the ColecoVision.

CP/M was available for the machine and it could run the large number of ColecoVision titles.  It was shipped complete with tape driver, letter quality printer and a collection of software titles.  It also came with SmartBASIC, which was compatible with Applesoft BASIC and could therefore run a lot of listings in books and magazines without change.

Alas the computer proved very unreliable, with technical issues (such as the ability to wipe anything on tape left in the machine). The fact that it derived its power through the printer did not help, as if the printer failed, you lost the use of the computer.

Following this failure, Coleco withdrew from the electronics market.

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