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The Cambridge Z88 Computer was sold by Cambridge Computers (a trading name of Sinclair Research Limited after they sold the rights to the "Sinclair" trademark and brand name to Amstrad).

The Z88 is an A4 size notebook computer based around the popular Z80 processor, with built in Pipedream word processor, spreadsheet, database, BASIC, assembler, calculator, clock, alarm, calendar, printer editor and VT52 Terminal.

The Z88 has a full sized silent keyboard, integrated display (8 lines x 80 characters) and is able to run for approximately 20 hours on 4xAA Alkaline batteries.  All this and the machine is still less than an inch thick, measures 11½ in x 8¼ in (A4 paper size) and weighs under 2 lb.  It's silent keyboard makes it ideal for working discreetly in libraries and archive sections, for example when researching family trees.

The word processor and spreadsheet are both extremely user-friendly, with all commands listed in the menu and a page map to indicate whereabouts on the current page you are working.  Files are stored in a very memory compact format, with 3x 1Mb RAM cards sufficient to hold the entire works of Shakespeare.

The Z88 can export, import and manipulate data from IBM- compatible PCs; converting its own applications software into Wordstar or Lotus 1-2-3 files.  It is also possible to link this popular notebook to PC, Apple Mac, Sinclair QL, BBC Micro, Commodore Amiga and Archimedes Computers, to allow easy transfer and storage of files.

Extra memory comes in solid-state, interchangeable packs- only 2 1/5 in square x 3/8 in deep. However, some disk drives for the Z88 were released, such as the RangerDisk 2.

The Z88 has three slots to hold RAM or EPROM expansion. 32K of RAM is built in as standard and is expandable to 3 megabytes. This RAM depends on being battery backed up from the computer and will therefore lose its contents if the Z88's batteries fail, however, the on-screen display keeps you informed of the current battery strength and there is also permanent storage available in the form of EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) packs, available in 32K,128K, 256K or you can use 1Mb Flash EPROMs.  However, only slot 3 can be used to record data onto EPROM (the Flash EPROM can be used in any slot as it is treated the same as RAM).

The OZ operating system is built into ROM and allows task-switching between applications without loading or exiting programs.  This also allows several documents to be held in a suspended state, ready for immediate access at the point where you last left them.  The BASIC built into the machine is an implementation of BBC BASIC (with only the following functions missing: CLG, COLOUR, DRAW, GCOL, MODE, MOVE, PLOT, POINT, ENVELOPE, SOUND and ADVAL).  This is a fairly powerful, yet easy to understand programming language with a lot of support available on the internet.

A set of forums has been created specifically for the Cambridge Z88 and its users

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