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La Game Gear était de première main de Sega a tenu une console de jeux - avec un construit en couleur de haute écran 3,2 pouces et 32 de soutien à la couleur 160x144 pixels, ce a été publié en 1990-2 et était basé sur le système maître.

Sa similitude avec la Master System (mais avec une meilleure couleurs), il fait assez facile de jeux à travers le port, et le Master Gear Converter a été publié qui vous a permis de brancher original Master System cartouches directement dans la Game Gear.

Environ 390 titres de logiciels ont été libérés pour la Sega Game Gear, et une foule d'accessoires sont disponibles, y compris un tubercule de télévision, une batterie rechargeable et un câble de liaison pour vous permettre de joindre deux consoles Game Gear ensemble.

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Game Gear Re-capping / Repair Service Game Gear Re-capping / Repair Service 1es jours, 11h : 43m : 33s £45,00 Achat immédiat
Game Gear McWill Screen Installation Service Game Gear McWill Screen Installation Service 1es jours, 11h : 58m : 38s £165,00 Achat immédiat
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All prices quoted are for labour only (except for re-capping services where standard capacitors are included in the price) - any parts used (except small parts costing less than £3 in total) will be invoiced extra at prices ruling on date of installation. Where part are not available, or where the price is not acceptable, I will fit a socket wherever possible and the normal labour cost only will apply. Customers can then fit their own part at a later date.

If I am unable to repair any computer sent to me (except for the reasons above), I will refund any money paid less return shipping costs. This applies providing a previous repair has not been attempted. Where machines have had previous repairs, or where corrosion from leaking batteries or spilled drinks are present then I reserve the right to make a minimum charge of £25 in view of the fact that I need to spend more time cleaning boards and / or checking previous work.


I have been asked a few times about warranties on my repairs, so here is an explanation of how I work. In the 1980s I started my own business repairing and manufacturing computers. I worked primarily on Spectrums, C64 and BBC Micros, but also on other home computers and PCs from IBM, etc. I did this for some while, then worked in technical support roles until retiring in 2004. I am now a hobbyist who enjoys repairing old computers and the like, not a business. I sell and repair machines from time to time to help fund my own collection of computers, test equipment, tools etc. and as such I don't make large profits and am unable to offer the sort of warranty you are likely to get on new items. Also, due to the age of the computers I repair, there is a larger risk of component failure than with new parts. Accordingly, in the event of any failure of a repair that I have undertaken (other than cosmetic), I will further repair free of any labour costs for at least 3 months from date of original repair. I would expect you to pay shipping (both ways) and the cost of any parts used. After 3 months I will work on a case-by-case basis, but will try and be as flexible as I can.