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The Atari 5200 Games Console (also known as the Atari 5200 SuperSystem) was released by Atari in 1982 building on the success of its earlier Atari 2600.

The Atari 5200 was based on the existing Atari 400 and Atari 800 computers, sharing almost identical internal hardware with those computers. Alas, software was not directly compatible, which meant that the Atari 5200 was destined for a niche market.

In its prototype stage, the Atari 5200 was originally called the "Atari Video System X - Advanced Video Computer System" although the shorter title was adopted on release. Actual working Atari Video System X machines, whose hardware is 100% identical to the Atari 5200 do exist, but they are extremely rare.

The 5200 also featured a revolutionary new controller with an analogue joystick, numeric keypad, two fire buttons on both sides of the controller and game function keys for Start, Pause, and Reset.

The initial 1982 model had four controller ports and also featured the innovation of the first automatic TV switchbox, allowing it to automatically switch from regular TV viewing to the game system signal when the system was activated. 

However, the later 1983 version reduced the number of ports to 2 and dropped the automatic TV switch box. It also has changes in the cartridge port address lines to allow for the Atari 2600 adapter. While the adapter was only made to work on the two-port version, modifications can be made to the four-port to make it line-compatible. In fact, towards the end of the four-port model's production run, there were a limited number of consoles produced which included these modifications. These consoles can be identified by an asterisk in their serial number.

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